Welcome to the Neighborhood is endless and fans curse Netflix

Netflix released this week another series by Ryan Murphy, the same person responsible for the hit Dahmer. we are talking about Welcome to the Neighborhood which in Brazil reached the Top 1 of the platform in just one day.

The seven-episode series stars Naomi Watts and Bobby Canavale as Nora and Dean Brannock, a couple who run out of savings to buy their dream home in the suburbs. Shortly after moving in, the Brannocks begin receiving mysterious letters from the Watcher, who promises to keep an eye on the house and its new residents.

As more and more disturbing incidents happen to the family, the list of suspects grows. The Brannocks are determined to find out who the Watcher is.

Series is engaging, but has no ending

Welcome to Neighborhood
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There is only one small detail: the series Welcome to the Neighborhood ends without a proper ending. All this because, the biggest mystery about who the Watcher is is not revealed.

Just like the real story that inspired the production, in the story of the series, we don’t find out who was the person responsible for sending the letters to the family. And that angered many Netflix fans.

In a Brazilian forum with discussions about TV series, some Brazilian fans expressed their frustrations with Netflix and producer Ryan Murphy.

Seriously? Did I come here for nothing? No explanation either? As much as the story is real and remains inconclusive, as they put fictional parts that concluded the story. Ryan hate you and it’s no wonder.“said an angry fan.

How awful, I didn’t expect less from Ryan Murphy“, highlighted a second fan.

“A series about a bunch of idle people who want to run other people’s houses. Every one huh.”added a third fan.

“Oh fuck Netflix, will it end like this, no ending?”charged a fourth fan.

Welcome to Neighborhood
Image: Disclosure.

Welcome to the Neighborhood is based on the true story published in the 2018 New York Magazine article “The Haunting of a Dream House” by Reeves Wiedeman.

The article details how Maria and Derek Broaddus bought their dream home in June 2014, not far from where Maria grew up. Shortly after signing the contract, the Broadduses began receiving anonymous letters from the Watcher.

The first letter was friendly and welcomed them to the neighborhood. But subsequent letters were increasingly hostile and focused on the family’s three young children.

The Broaddus family, feeling insecure, enlisted the help of local police to find out who was sending the threatening letters. However, to date, Westfield Police have not discovered the Watcher’s identity.

By fantasizing some details of the story, many fans felt that Welcome to the Neighborhood was going to name a culprit, but producer Ryan Murphy decided not to blame anyone. And just like the real case, it was never solved.

How does the series differ from real life?

Although based on a true story, Welcome to the Neighborhood fictionalizes some elements of the story – namely, the Broaddus family never moved to 657 Boulevard, while the fictional Brannocks take up residence there.

The numbers are also slightly different: on the show, the house is listed for $3.2 million (causing considerable financial pressure for the Brannocks), while in real life it was purchased for $1.35 million.

all episodes of Welcome to the Neighborhood are now available on Netflix.

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