Walker’s 3×01 highlights Cordel’s disappearance

Since the third season of walker picks up where last season left off.

So, first of all, let’s look back over recent events. Cordel is captured by men in a van near the Walker Ranch. However, Stella soon realizes that something is wrong. Just like Trey and Liam.

Little misfortune is nonsense in walker

After recovering from the events, especially regarding the feud between the families and how the story had a tragic end, the Walker family is presented with another great concern, which is to have their son kidnapped.

In this sense, there is one person among all who feels the thud the most and this time it seems that he is at his own limit. That said, throughout the episode, Abby is seen to simply collapse.


Children not so children anymore

On the other hand, Cordel’s sons are the characters that have matured the most since the first season of walker. Like her dad, brash and heroine of the day, Stella doesn’t like the position she’s always left with. That is, she fights against the spirit Zen of Auggie, and the two act very well as opposites of each other.

As much as the young, the older ones are also always on the move when it comes to family. As news of Cordel’s disappearance spreads, the entire community moves to the aid of the walker.


After all, where is Walker?

After he’s kidnapped, we see the Texas Ranger in trouble. And someone very dear to him is always around. That’s because whenever he’s in the worst condition and being tortured by who knows who, Cordel gets to see his late wife. So these visions end up encouraging him, lest he be bent by his enemies.

Likewise, being the best cop, he soon manages to at least understand some of the nuances of his captors. And even where the captivity is and the place where it’s being held.

real possibilities

As I said earlier, Abby is seriously shaken and throughout the entire episode of walker, this is very clear. As well as everyone else. Also, both Trey and Cassie are on the move looking for answers. However, the team of hijackers is also excellent at their service.

So, at this point, comes the most emotionally charged scene of all seasons of walker. It is rarely seen a frank dialogue like the one that Abby has with Captain Larry. Just as you can feel what a mother is going through in the same situation as her character.

Dead end in Walker

Whenever a clue is found in this episode of walker, your path is just a dead end. So this increasingly frustrates Cassie.

Likewise, Liam finds some clues and gets an unexpected visitor – but not so much. After Walker disappears, meeting Lucas is the only relief Liam has for now. Afterwards, Geri and Colton, who are returning to town, show up as well.


On the other hand, even the biggest aspects of the kidnapping are not presented. So it’s a little vague and empty at the same time. According to some conversations, this whole situation of walker it’s just for Cordel to agree to be someone’s henchman within the police itself. As was Fenton.

As Walker spends his time in the kidnappers’ hands, he realizes he’s not alone. Similarly, there is someone else with him in the compound.

believe or not

Then a mysterious voice comes from upstairs and tells a part of the reason for being in the same situation as our Texas Ranger.

From the same point of view and with due proportions, it reminds me a lot of the scene in the movie v for Vendetta where Natalie Portman spends time in prison and also gets the story from her cellmate.

Finally, it is clear that one episode is too little to unfold the entire plot of Walker’s kidnapping. Even more so with the big bomb we received in the final minutes: Liam is also captured.

What to expect from the next episodes?

Anyway walker is back in its third season! The plot, if well crafted, can be the best backdrop for the series since its debut. But, on the other hand, the plot also cannot receive a quick ending and simply be forgotten.

In short, see you next week for the continuation of walker!

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