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The series The Winchesters recruited a familiar face from Supernatural: actor Gil McKinney. According to TVLineMcKinney will reprise his role as Henry Winchester in a season one episode of spin off about Mary and John Winchester.

McKinney first appeared as Dean and Sam’s paternal grandfather in season eight of Supernaturalwhen he met his future grandchildren through the wonders of time travel.

This mission to stop the demon Abaddon eventually resulted in Henry’s death, leading John to assume that his father had abandoned him. A season 9 episode featured flashbacks from Henry’s time in Men of Letters in 1958.

The Supernatural Winchesters
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McKinney will guest star in episode 7 of The Winchesters. But he has already lent his voice to the series, having read a letter Henry wrote to John at the premiere of the first episode.

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In the unfolding, Henry is “the intellectual patriarch of the Winchester clan”says the official description of the character. “Coming from a long line of Men of Letters, Henry has devoted his entire life to the institution. However, when a Men of Letters mission leads to Henry’s untimely death, his absence and the secrecy surrounding his life within the organization create an irreparable rift in his family.”

During an interview with TVLine, the showrunner Robbie Thompson confirmed that fans can expect to see some veterans from Supernatural. All this, in the first half of the first 13 episodes, “which I’m super, super excited about”he said.

The Supernatural Winchesters
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Furthermore, “We also have plans not just to bring back some of our familiar faces. But younger versions of characters that we may not have seen yet.”Thompson shared during a virtual press panel.

On the other side of the family tree, it was recently announced at New York Comic Con that the smallvilleTom Welling, will return as Samuel Campbell (originally played by Mitch Pileggi in Supernatural), father of Mary Campbell and maternal grandfather of Dean and Sam.

Derivative premieres in Brazil on HBO Max

HBO Max will bring the series to Brazil The Winchesters exclusively, from the 20th of October.

Along Supernaturalwe follow the Winchester family on their adventures, but this time, we delve into the family history as Dean Winchester narrates his way through the story of his parents.

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John and Mary Winchester are the parents of the legendary demon hunter brothers, although in Supernatural, we haven’t seen much of its early days. Now, it’s time to dig deep into the family’s origins and how Mary, in particular, learned her demon-slaying skills.

Set in 1972, we see John as he returns home from the Vietnam War. When he unexpectedly meets Mary by chance, he realizes that the world she lives in is not what he thought it was, as he tries to help her fight a demon.

After the death of a friend, Mary is reconsidering her job as a hunter. She is drawn to it after her father disappears. Which is a coincidence, as John is also struggling with his own father’s disappearance. So the two bond over their parents, and John learns about this dark new world.

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