The Walking Dead: Season 11’s New Death Gave Rick Justice

Warning: The Walking Dead season 11 episode 18 spoilers

The Walking Dead aired its 18th episode of season 11, and in it we had a brutal death. But that death finally brought justice to Rick Grimes, more than three years too late.

In the comics, the death of Rick Grimes is as devastating as it is unfavorable.

Enjoying a well-deserved rest after freeing the Commonwealth from Pamela Milton’s tyrannical rule, Rick is visited by an armed Sebastian in the dead of night, and his journey into the zombie apocalypse quickly comes to a (and bloody) stalemate. As Sebastian is hardly a criminal mastermind, he is quickly discovered as the culprit. And Carl Grimes must decide the boy’s fate. Following his late father’s example, Carl chooses mercy. And no matter how noble the decision, the survival of a weeping Sebastian leaves a bitter taste.

Any comic book reader The Walking Dead hoped that Sebastian could finally receive his punishment. And his wishes were fulfilled with the episode “A New Deal”. Echoing the comics, Sebastian is pushed to the limit when his lavish lifestyle is threatened. And he tries to assassinate the person in charge – in this case, Margot Bingham’s Max. And unlike the comics, he doesn’t get away with it.

A well-aimed blow from Eugene Porter sends Sebastian running into a nearby zombie, and absolutely no one rushes to help him, dooming the mini milton to a painful death. It’s a kind of sweet revenge for comic book Rick Grimes, even better suited as his daughter in TVJudith, arrives to witness Sebastian’s labored final sighs.

You can almost hear her muttering, “This one is for my dad in black and white.”

How Sebastian’s Death Changes the End of The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead series

Andrew Lincoln has already left The Walking Dead in Season 9 and is confirmed to reprise his role as Rick Grimes in a new TV series alongside Danai Gurira as Michonne.

The chances of the live-action version of Sebastian assassinating Lincoln’s live-action Rick Grimes were therefore always remote.

However, season 11 of The Walking Dead it could certainly have transferred Rick’s comic book death to a different character, and many viewers might have expected Sebastian to kill off a different protagonist during the final episodes. That’s obviously not going to happen after Eugene fed Sebastian to the undead.

In this way, Sebastian’s death changes the ending of The Walking Dead on a thematic level as well. In the comics, Pamela and Sebastian survived, with the former Governor of the Commonwealth visiting his son trapped in old age. Mirroring Rick’s refusal to execute Negan, this show of mercy proved that civilization was returning.

Sebastian’s death in “A New Deal” by The Walking Dead means the semi-happy ending of the comics isn’t happening either. And so it suggests a more violent conclusion to Season 11’s Commonwealth arc.

So who is the last villain of The Walking Dead?

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the comics of The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman do not have a traditional “final villain”. You could argue it’s Pamela because she’s the ruler of the Commonwealth. Or Sebastian because he kills Rick Grimes, but none of them are comparable to The Governor, Negan, or Alpha as a main antagonist.

Only now, Sebastian’s death could put Season 11 of The Walking Dead on a different path. With her son dead (instead of just imprisoned), Laila Robins’ Pamela Milton is sure to turn bitter and twisted – especially in pursuit of Alexandria’s newcomers. Losing a child is certainly enough of an emotional trigger to transform Pamela from a mildly disgusting politician into a properly sadistic enemy by the end of the year. The Walking Dead.

The same can be said of Lance Hornsby. Already infinitely more troubled than her comedic counterpart, Pamela was using Lance as a scapegoat to protect her son. Thanks to Eugene, she doesn’t have to anymore. Could Pamela turn to Lance’s ruthless military tactics to bring justice to her son? Or will Lance exploit Pamela’s grief to take the Commonwealth for himself? Whatever comes next, there’s no doubt that Sebastian Milton’s death has cast a much darker shadow over the season 11 finale of The Walking Dead.

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