The Walking Dead returns with 11×17 and lockdown

And once again we’re back for a new wave of episodes of The Walking Dead! However… this time it’s real/official, guys, it’s over! And look, the show’s decision to make three batches of 8 episodes each, keeping the season, with breaks – of course, for more than a year on the air –, may not have been the best.

When we analyze each part separately, we don’t see much connection. I feel like we’re going to run A LOT in this final part!

If they had approached the Commonwealth plot from the beginning in a unique and more focused way, we would have had more agility in the narrative.

Does anyone remember, without straining their memory, the entire plot of Pope, Leah, and their fanatical religious followers? In the end, what was their role in the story? None. It was more to take up episodes. We even had some cool action scenes, especially the one with Maggie Avenger, but nothing more.

Shooting punch and bomb in the return of The Walking Dead

But going back to episode 17, it was a lot of shooting, beating and shooting! The business boiled and the broth spilled! The Walking Dead always had its moments of action, but I don’t remember the last episode that had sequences this frantic and one after the other. And the coolest thing is that in all the action fronts they had, they were all well done and very satisfying. But let’s go parts…

Outside and farther from the walls of the Commonwealth, the war between Lance on one side and Maggie and Daryl on the other rages on. It is important to point out Maggie’s strength and how good it is to see the character’s evolution.

The Walking Dead

She remains firm in the leadership of what’s left of the Hilltop, and that includes the denial of an alliance with Governor Pamela, precisely because she trusts her instincts and sees that it’s “too good to be true”. At the same time, she also grows, narratively speaking, as her dubious and ever-tense relationship with Negan progresses.

I like the fact that, contrary to what many forums said out there, the series didn’t make them a “couple” forever and didn’t even rehearse it (imagine how absurd?!). The exchange of fire between the two sides is pretty bureaucratic, but the whole car chase part and the way the heroes lured the villain into the sewers was pretty cool.

Remembering Glenn

In that follow-up, most of it was the dialogue between Maggie and Daryl. All of this, when she tries to apologize to him for Leah’s death, and he says: “Glenn would like me to take care of you. You do not need to apologize. Not for me”. Interesting that Daryl feels and remembers the part he played in Glenn’s death and, it seems, he still carries that guilt with him.

Meanwhile in the Commonwealth

Just outside the Commonwealth, the bug is also catching on, with a massive horde of zombies swarming the walls of the community, apparently attracted by the hellish noise they were making inside.

Of all the segments, this was the weakest, I confess. Although it has the participation of Rosita, a character that I love, but that was kind of thrown into the plot lately. And that worries me.

Usually, this happens with characters who already have certain death, so the writers don’t worry about developing them. I know, it’s inevitable to have deaths in the main cast, but being Rosita to the detriment of Aaron, Gabriel, Eugene, Ezekiel…, have holy patience!

There’s still more…

Finally, in the third leg of the narrative, we have the whole shack that is happening in the Commonwealth, where part of the inhabitants are asking for the head of the Governor’s son, Sebastian, and the thing was getting hotter.

With Sebastian gone, Carol (always her! queen!) has the idea of ​​making sure the Governor finds her son safely, in exchange for asking her to intervene in the hunt that Lance is doing for Maggie and the others.

And for that, lo and behold, she has Negan’s help. Look…, I’m not even going to comment on how he managed to get in there. At least it served to show that Mercer is not the villain we thought. This part I found very curious, because it shows how quickly, all that peace, that monarchy disguised as democracy that is the Commonwealth was falling and falling. Master!

In the end, it was like that. The explosive and promising return of the world’s most beloved undead series. Until next week! 😉

The Walking End 1: I thought it was really cool that everyone shows up at the opening now. More than deserved!

The Walking End 2: Who the hell is April?!

Grade: 4/5

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