The Walking Dead: Dead City gets premiere date and news

No wonder New York is the city that never sleeps – it’s full of walkers! But in the first pictures of The Walking Dead: Dead City from AMC – revealed at the New York Comic-Con panel on Saturday (08) – the biggest threat to Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan appears to be Lauren Cohan’s Maggie.

It’s not exactly a shock, since he”got it right” her beloved husband before her eyes in the season 7 opener. But in more recent episodes of the series from which the arch enemies are spun off, they’ve touched on something close to… Well, friendship would be too strong a word. But now there’s some trust there.

The Walking Dead

The new spin-off will focus on Negan and Maggie

The fourth offshoot of the franchise (after Fear the Walking Dead, World Beyond and Tales of the Walking Dead) will accompany Negan and Maggie as they navigate “a post-apocalyptic Manhattan long cut off from the mainland”says the synopsis.

The crumbling city is full of the dead and inhabitants who have made New York their own world full of anarchy, danger, beauty and terror.”

The six-episode first season will be produced by Dead-head veteran Eli Jorné (along with Morgan and Cohan) and will premiere in April 2023.

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