The Resident debuts season 6 with new love for Conrad

The Resident returned for the sixth season. And who knew she would last this long? When we started this trajectory five years ago, I didn’t think the series it would last as long as it did. Six seasons later, and still without one of the original protagonists, The Resident is surviving, with the support of the fans.

The sixth season, by the way, was a long shot. It might or might not happen. But the series has been renewed and here we are to see a new day at Chastain Park. As well, we also see a new love for Conrad.

Conrad’s choice pending

The Resident 6x01

Among the main pending for the sixth season of The Resident, fans were curious as to who Conrad would choose. Whether it would be Cade or Billie. In fact, the first episode left the choice up in the air until the end, but everything indicated that Conrad made the decision: Cade was the chosen one.

I don’t know if I reacted well to the choice, because even though 5 years have passed since Nic’s death on the show, we lost Emily VanCamp from the cast a little over a year ago. And let’s face it, I still can’t swallow it. In fact, the character itself is not so much missed, but her dynamic with Conrad is.

Of course we have to hope Conrad finds someone and is happy, but I still haven’t been able to like anyone with him after Nic.

Both Cade and Billie don’t have intense chemistry with the character. And Conrad basically made it clear to Billie, in the second episode of season six, why she chose it. He said that every time he sees Billie he feels like Nic is watching him. So, aside from that factor, we believe he didn’t understand that Billie likes him. It is certain that this plot will unfold throughout the season, and until then I may change my mind about who to root for Conrad to stay.

Padma’s pregnancy takes a big part of the story

In the first episode, we saw Padma’s pregnancy take over much of the episode. She, who is expecting AJ’s twins, had a complication that required a very rigorous procedure.

Cade’s father, Sullivan, was responsible for the surgery and everything went well. But until it worked or not, it was an immeasurable apprehension.

Although I found it boring last season, I’m starting to like the story of this pregnancy, and curious to see what the dynamics will play out going forward. Until Padma wins the babies, a lot of water will flow. As the second episode showed, she is apprehensive, and afraid of losing one or both of them. But with the support of AJ and Sister Devi, I believe she will get through this.

Sullivan has an addiction and this is an interesting plot

When Sullivan arrived last season, few thought about the background the character would bring to season six. With that, his addiction will be explored, mainly through the eyes of Cade, who exposed the situation to Conrad at the end of the second episode.

Cade caught his father using medicine, and that was one of the reasons he left the previous hospital. A possible medical error can even put the doctor’s reputation on the line, with Cade exposing the whole situation.

It’s obvious that this will generate a conflict between father and daughter, but when Sullivan puts the lives of patients at stake, by treating them under the influence of drugs, an intervention is necessary. Incidentally, he could have harmed Padman’s babies, but he didn’t. But his next patient might not be so lucky. Will Cade take the case to the hospital? I’m curious!

other characters from The Resident stayed in the corner

One thing I ended up feeling at the beginning of the season was a corner on characters that are the soul of The Resident. Among them, Pravesh and Bell.

Bell is out getting treatment for sclerosis, and I don’t know how long he’ll actually be out. He briefly appeared in the first episode and was absent in the second. Pravesh, on the other hand, is focusing on his research, and appeared in the first two episodes, but in weak and background plots.

I hope that as the next episodes arrive, both they and Kit will advance the plot. Apparently that will happen, as Kit and Bell’s wedding will be featured in the 100th episode.

I was missing The Resident and I’m excited for another season. We’ll see where our characters go, and if we say goodbye to them this year, or if we survive once more for more stories.

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