The Millennium Flood, Secrets of the End: Is the City Saved?

One of the most successful attractions in Netflix right now, The Millennium Flood is a Polish production, which portrays an impactful plot.

The miniseries tells the story of the Millennium Flood, a terrible natural disaster that ended up killing hundreds of people and affected not only Poland but also parts of the Czech Republic and Germany. The flood is seen as one of the most terrible natural disasters in the region and really served as a wake-up call for the authorities. Since then, protocols for floods and other natural disasters have changed for the better.

The Millennium Flood not only tells the story of the natural event, but also introduces some characters. And so it centers the narrative around them and their struggle to survive the flood.

In this way, we meet Jasmina and Jakub, two people who were part of each other’s lives at some point in the past and who are now on completely different paths. The tragedy of the flood will unite them once again, as they also have someone else to take responsibility for, their daughter Klara, who at first is unaware that Jasmina is her mother.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for The Millennium Floodthen find the ending.

The Millennium Flood
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Unfortunately not. The Millennium Flood turned out to be one of the biggest disasters Poland has ever faced in its history as a country. Only the destruction caused by World War II came close to tragedy, which puts things in very clear perspective. At least 40,000 people lost everything they had, and there were at least 59 dead in the city alone. For a moment, the entire city was turned to water and the mud destroyed most of the properties. Those who lived on the upper floors of the buildings managed to stay safe, at least for a while.

Rescue services from other countries came to Poland to help during the crisis, delivering water, food and medicine to people trapped inside their homes. They were also instrumental in rescuing people from elsewhere and those who were unfortunately stranded on the streets during the tragedy. People from out of town were able to defend their homes against the water, and even today the date is celebrated as a sort of victory against those who think they can drive farmers out of their homes.

In the end, some responsible for the mismanagement of the situation were called to testify, but it seems that most of them were released without due punishment. There were hearings, but in the face of a natural tragedy like this, it’s very difficult to point fingers. The situation was really extraordinary, and the people making the decisions didn’t have the proper information to make the right choices. Jakub and Jasmina are among those called to testify, but it appears they are released with sentence.

The two meet for the last time before the series ends, and he is there in the courtroom as they prepare to testify about what happened. In the end, the two part amicably, and Jasmina even breaks the news to Jakub that she is pregnant.

Does Klara find out who her mother is?

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Outside of the narrative that deals with the entire disaster, the other half of the narrative focuses on the characters of Jakub and Jasmina. Jakub is a mid-level politician, and at times he seems to be in charge of the decisions that should be made by the city’s mayor, but the mayor is often doing other things with his time. Jasmina, on the other hand, is a very prominent hydrologist, so when things get dangerous, Jakub knows that Jasmina is the person to talk to.

So, they were in a relationship for a long time. Klara, Jakub’s daughter, is actually also Jasmina’s daughter. Jasmina left her with Jakub because at the time, Jasmina was an addict and not the person she is now. Jasmina decided that it was better for Klara not to have a mother than to have a bad mother. Jakub then raised Klara alone. However, when Jasmina reappears along with the tragedy, Klara connects the dots and suspects that Jasmina is her real mother.

For a moment, Jakub loses Klara during the flood and fears for his life, even though he thought for a while that she was totally dead. However, that was not the case, and Klara found her way to Jasmina. So they escape the flooded city, and Jasmina takes her daughter to her father. Klara thus asks Jasmina to go home with them, and that’s when it becomes clear to the teenager that Jasmina is her mother. Jasmina is in a much better place than before and wants to be a part of Klara’s life, so she invites her to Holland and visit her whenever she wants.

Right at the end, Jasmina still manages to visit her mother and tell her that she won’t disappear for years to come. She introduces Klara to her mother and the three have an emotional time.

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