The Midnight Club: Everything you need to know about the series

If you’re a big fan of Mike Flanagan’s movies and TV series, you’ve probably watched the series several times. Midnight Mass on Netflix. But now, you won’t need to watch something replayed, as Flanagan is returning to Netflix for a new horror series that will be called The Midnight Club (The Midnight Club).

And no, she has nothing to do with Midnight Mass, and yes, it’s just a similar name. Besides, of course, the various backstage connections.

So, what to expect from this new series? O Series Mix tell you everything!

As one of Netflix’s top premieres for this October, The Midnight Club opens on the 7th – just in time for the Halloween parties.

Mike Flanagan adapted The Midnight Club from a book by Christopher Pike

When The Midnight Club was first announced, rumors suggested it would be another installment of Haunting Collection by Mike Flanagan. All this before being confirmed as an all-new story and not another loose-book adaptation.

Nonetheless, The Midnight Club marks the executive producer’s return to turning literature into a chilling Netflix series. But also her first attempt at a young adult novel, along with co-developer and writer of Bly MansionLeah Fong.

In fact, the new series marks the first time since the 1996 TV movie Fall into Darknesswhich is when a Christopher Pike story gained adaptation.

The Midnight Club is the 21st book by Pike, who is a hero of the late 20th century young adult suspense novel trend.

Published in 1994, it focuses on a group of terminally ill teenagers who band together at the Rotterdam Home hospice. They then tell each other scary stories late at night. However, as the trailer the series teases, no story they can come up with is as terrifying as the dark history of the asylum they reside in. The place is named after Brightcliffe.

The Midnight Club

Several of the Midnight Mass cast members appear in the cast of The Midnight Club

Of course, Flanagan’s upcoming adaptation of Pike’s classic novel will have no canon ties to his recent limited series. However, the filmmaker has recruited some familiar faces from his cast of Midnight Mass to return to this new series.

Annarah Cymone and Igby Rigney, whose young characters from Midnight Mass are Leeza Scarborough and Warren Flynn, are series regulars in the cast of The Midnight Club.

Recurring roles include Crystal Ballint (who played Cymone’s onscreen mother Dolly), Zach Gilford (who played Rigney’s brother Riley). Plus Matt Biedel (who played Sturge), as well as Patricia Drake (who had a small role as Crockett Island native Ladybug).

Flanagan’s frequent contributors and fellow veterans of Midnight MassSamantha Sloyan (who stole the show as the cold Beverly Keane), Robert Longstreet (who played Joe Collie) and, on top of that, Rahul Kohli (who played Sheriff Hassan) will also appear.

Horror legend Heather Langenkamp also joins the cast of The Midnight Club

There are also many newcomers to the Flanagan Family in the cast of The Midnight Club. The most exciting of which has the honor of being called one of the greatest Scream Queens the history of horror films.

Heather Langenkamp is best known for playing Nancy Thompson in the cast of Wes Craven The nightmare time in 1984. Flanagan confirmed in a tweet that she was starring in the series as “an enigmatic doctor who runs the asylum” in which the young starting group is.

Speaking of which, we have other young newcomers in the main cast of The Midnight Club. And they include the season two star of Shudder’s Creepshow, Iman Benson, the aforementioned Aya Furukawa (who debuted in The Cabin in the Woods). As well as William Chris Sumpter of Power, among others.

Co-creator Mike Flanagan directs two episodes of The Midnight Club

In addition to developing The Midnight Club in a new Netflix series, Flanagan is also returning to the director’s chair for two episodes. On a tweet included in the same topic that revealed much of the information above. The horror author said hello to the other filmmakers taking the reins of the remaining chapters.

The additional directors of The Midnight Club include the director of black box, Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour. As well as Axelle Carolyn, who directed episodes of The Haunting of Bly Manor, American Horror Storybetween others.

Viet Nguyen (director of several DC TV shows), Morgan Beggs (whose impressive career as a second unit director also includes Bly Manor) and Michael Fimognari (Mike Flanagan’s friend and longtime cinematographer) will also direct episodes.

The Midnight Club began filming its episodes in March 2021 in Canada

During the interruption of production of Midnight Mass (due to the pandemic), Netflix announced that Flanagan’s next project would be The Midnight Club. Whoever gave the information first was the Varietywhich reported exclusively on May 5, 2020.

In the information, the article highlighted that Netflix would record the new series in Canada. Cameras began rolling in March 2021. And series star Aya Furukawa revealed on Instagram (via Mike Flanagan Source on Twitter) that the last day of filming was on September 9, 2021.

Flanagan’s Dive into Pike’s Work Won’t Stop With His Series The Midnight Club. Since he and Trevor Macy are working on an adaptation of the author’s 1993 sci-fi novel, The Season of Passage. The filmmaker also has another Netflix series in the works based on The Fall of the House of Usherby Edgar Allan Poe.

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