The Empress: What do Sissi and Lady Di have in common?

the series of Netflix, the empress, brings the life of Sissi, one of the most famous people of the 19th century. Already in the 20th century, there was another phenomenon of the same strain, Diana, Princess of Wales, who attracted the attention of the general public, and to this day, more than 20 years after her death, she is still revered, loved, and often remembered for the strangeness of the accident that victimized her.

More than the affection of the public, Sissi and Diana get closer in an impressive way in the face of the behavior assumed both in personal and public life.

What does the story of Sissi, of the empressand Diana have in common?

Both were princesses handpicked and molded by the nobility. They were strong but sensitive women, who showed in the course of their lives how to act in the face of the circumstances that presented themselves.

They were pioneers, they had beauty, refinement, refinement. They lived constantly disillusioned, and even so, they managed to leave their legacy. They held the positions previously desired by their sisters and had the most lavish marriages their subjects could see. Sissi had a week of celebration to celebrate the royal wedding, while Diana, had the ceremony televised to more than 750 million people. Being fashion icons, they set trends and changed clothing rules. Sports fans, they had the extreme vanity in body and hair care, and Sissi took hours to wash, dry and comb her huge locks, while Diana enchanted each appearance with her cuts more than copied by women around the world.

Their psychological astonishment, as well as the pressure suffered by the nobility, did not weaken them to the point of destroying the will to change the world, even living only within the small and supposedly privileged Real world. They were human, they cared about those no one royal saw.

the empress

They suffered the hardships of all the famous, opinions for and against, and they even managed to overcome apathy in the way they could, assimilating the blow of frustration and moving on, showing in their actions the best they could do.

What impact can the stories of Lady Di and Sissi have on you?

There is a striking similarity between the well-known Austrian Empress and the famous People’s Princess, even though they lived a century apart. Behavioral and personality similarities proved that the fairy tale portrayed in the
drawings, never existed in their lives inside the palaces. Gastric disorders were just one of the similarities between them, as well as strong mothers-in-law who constantly interfered with their marriages and lives.

The loss of freedom and adaptation to the royal system undermined much more than just their spirits, they changed their way of existing before the world. They were damaged from the outside in, to the point where they felt alone and isolated in a world full of people who adored them. The crowd outside, bowing to them with affection, made the isolation inside the palaces that much more visible. In addition to the deafening silence of an eternal and frustrated search for the integration of the family they thought they had built.

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Lady Di was loved by the people, as was Sisi. But this love from outside made the loneliness in the palace even greater. Image: Disclosure.

Sweet illusion, the gray system of royalty wanted them to be just real objects with two functions, adorning their husbands and producing legitimate heirs. But they wanted more, did more, suffered for much more and managed to achieve, to this day, their memories are kept with affection and affection.

Fame, money and power, coming from the positions they had assumed, confined them inside decorated rooms, with the permanent distance from those who most wanted gifts, and even with all the disappointments, prohibitions, objections and reprimands, they had their human bias.

Sissi, in love, fought as hard as she could for her husband’s love, as did Diana, but they failed, they were men of weak personality to impose themselves before the orders of their mothers and the royalty itself, which are nothing more than the same thing, representation. human
of the unusual figure of a system mystified by the props only visibly captivating.

Diana had most of the media on her side, while Sissi, in the 19th century, did not have the Viennese press on her side. After her death, however, Vienna seems to revere her far more than the Habsburgs themselves, as does Diana, who far surpasses the affection that comes from royalty.

the empress

They were above all women, they suffered and fought, they showed in the way they could what they wanted to say to the world, not accepting the function of just being an ornament placed in prominence. They were the spotlight, they drew attention and that’s why movies, series and endless documentaries are made of them, each with their vision and with their romance, but all of them truthfully detailing the disturbed and little understood interior of girls who left the adolescence behind as soon as they closed the gates of the castles they entered.

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