The Big Bang Theory: book reveals sadness and disagreements at the end of the series

A new behind-the-scenes look at the end of The Big Bang Theory shows the cast at an exciting time. Three years after the end of the sitcom of CBSits legacy lives on through the spin-off Young Sheldon. Even without it, however, its popularity lingers thanks to TV reruns, not to mention its availability on streaming services. It doesn’t just keep The Big Bang Theory at the forefront of pop culture, but also allows the fan base to expand as new viewers can readily check it out across multiple platforms.

It’s no secret that The Big Bang Theory had a problematic kind of comedy. Kaley Cuoco recently spoke out about how Penny was overly sexualized, while Jim Parsons’ Sheldon made offensive remarks in the name of “humor.” Despite this, the sitcom continued to be extremely popular – something it was able to maintain until the end. Fortunately for fans, CBS was able to give the Pasadena gang an emotionally satisfying send-off.

Image reveals emotional moment at the end of the series

2022 is an important year for The Big Bang Theory, as it marks the 15th anniversary of the program. In light of this, Jessica Radloff shared a new behind-the-scenes image during one of the cast’s emotional moments while filming the comedy finale. The image is part of the new book, The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive, Inside Story of the Epic Hit Serieswhich is the definitive oral history about the show.

Despite the uneven narrative of its final season putting too much focus on Sheldon and Amy’s Nobel Prize bid, CBS staged a great finale of The Big Bang Theory. The Coopers won the academic award, allowing Sheldon to achieve his lifelong dream. Meanwhile, Penny and Leonard were revealed to be pregnant with their first child. Both main plot points were a great send-off – something that has become increasingly rare in recent years. However, the sitcom could have had a much better ending if it had correctly set up the Hofstafdters arc and given Raj the ending he deserved.

One of the main reasons why The Big Bang Theory became so popular was the chemistry between its cast. Seeing them all navigate their individual and collective arcs for over a decade has been gratifying for many viewers, especially considering all they’ve gone through in comedy. Given this, it made sense that they would decide to end things rather than continue without Parsons, who didn’t want to do the show in Season 12.

Book reveals behind-the-scenes secrets The Big Bang Theory

The new book about The Big Bang Theory, in fact, it reveals the behind-the-scenes drama that surrounded the decision to end the hit show after 12 seasons.

It was the summer of 2018, before season 12, when Jim Parsons decided he was ready for a change. “I don’t think there was a part of me that really thought I would do more seasons. [do Big Bang] after the twelfth”, explains Parsons in the book. “I was ready to step outside the safety of the show to fully find out what was next for me.

He shared how he felt with close friend and co-star Simon Helberg, who was also contemplating his next chapter. “Now, that doesn’t mean that we in any way expected the show to end.”, explains Helberg, “or that there would be no sort of attempt by the producers, the studio or the network to keep the show running, whether or not we were involved.”

But, according to Parsons, “nothing had come up about contracts” when the cast and crew got together again in August for the start of Season 12. “I felt like a liar in that [primeira] table reading” he says. “I knew at the end of these next 24 episodes, it was all for me. so i asked [aos produtores executivos] Chuck [Lorre] and Steve [Molaro] if we could talk.

The reading took place on a Wednesday afternoon, and the meeting with Lorre, Molaro, and Parsons took place the next morning. “There was never any doubt about going on without him”, recalls Molaro. “The show was that ensemble, and the thought of doing a weird version without him didn’t feel right.

For the next six days, the cast was kept in the dark as Lorre and then-president and CEO of Warner Bros. Peter Roth broached the subject with executives from CBS and WB.

How the cast was informed

The following Wednesday, Lorre gathered the cast, along with Molaro and showrunner Steve Holland, in his office. Lorre welcomed everyone, then passed the baton to Parsons, who didn’t expect to lead the meeting. “I had the feeling that [Jim] was upset with me because maybe he thought i was going to chart the future, but i didn’t think it was my place to do that” says Lore. “Then he explained to them that he was ready to say goodbye at the end of season 12. the presentation.

A press release announcing the “epic” final season of The Big Bang Theory would leave as soon as the meeting was adjourned.

How the cast took the news

Lorre acknowledges that there was “much cry” in his office that day, mostly from Kaley Cuoco. “The shock of ‘Oh my God, what’s next?’ It was scary“, recalls Cuoco. “We cried for hours… We thought we were going to do another year, then suddenly, his life kind of flashes before his eyes. I looked at Chuck and said, ‘What are we going to do?’ I couldn’t breathe. It looked like a death.” Molaro also points out the amount of tears, adding: “that meeting [foi] like being in a car accident in slow motion. We were all crying, it was uncontrollable.

Galecki agrees that the cast was “surprised”. The shock did not come from Parsons’ decision, “but that he didn’t have that conversation with his castmates first to prepare us” says Galecki. “I just disagreed with how it was handled. We thought we were going to Chuck’s office to talk about renegotiation, so Chuck threw the bat to Jim. And Jim was shocked and obviously caught off guard.”

Hurt feelings remained between the main trio. The next morning, Molaro received a text from Cuoco saying that she was upset with Parsons and didn’t know if she could work that day. Galecki also reached out to Lorre to express his frustrations. They finally showed up for rehearsal, but it was “half cold” and “none of them were talking between scenes,” says Molaro – and according to Holland, “Kaley could barely make eye contact with Jim during rehearsal, but they got through it.

The Big Bang Theory

How did the cast move forward?

By the next pass, tensions had cooled. “Very quickly, I saw Kaley and Jim talking between scenes and laughing.” says Molaro. “They seemed to be able to be close to each other and not just want to get in their cars and leave immediately afterwards.” Holland recalls Cuoco saying that “they loved the show so much and it was such a special place… they didn’t want it to end badly. If this were the last season, they would put aside their anger, frustration and differences and enjoy every minute of it.”.

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