SWAT 6×01 returns in style

In the season 6 premiere, SWAT shows that he knows how to enchant us with beautiful landscapes and returns in style.

Just like last season, the focus is always on Hondo. After all, he is our star. However, the team is divided and we’ll get to why later.


The series already makes clear the void created by Chris’ departure in SWAT However, part of the team is on a tour of Thailand.

But before any action, let’s explain the reason for the trip, to clarify everything.

Early on, Hondo is shown being taken hostage in some situation still without context. But we know that Hondo can’t stay out of danger, that’s already a cliché. Then the episode rewinds 24 hours from Hondo’s scene.

Meanwhile, he, Deac, and Tan are in a training-sharing sort of way with the SWAT Thai, the other part of the team is normally in LA

While the scenes show the magnificent capital, we see that Tan is in a kind of competition with the member of the Thai elite, which works as a relief of this episode.


old acquaintance in SWAT

Eventually, members of the SWAT have their own plans for the well-deserved break. Soon after, we see that Nichelle is with Hondo, and the two go to meet up with an old friend of Sgt. As well as Deac and Tan continue with the training staff on a tour of the city.

Now in Joe’s company, Hondo ends up bringing more work to his friend, by questioning a drug distribution network. However, Joe assures that the operation was closed by his team some time ago.

Work never stops SWAT

On the other hand, Joe takes Hondo to visit the place where the drug operation was taking place.

Immediately upon arriving at the site, the duo finds the entire structure assembled again. And then the action begins. The duo manages to escape the first wave of bandits. But, one of the shots hits Joe.

distant help

Shortly after this situation, in the midst of the escape attempt, Hondo manages to at least partially warn Deac that he is in danger.

The message is cut off by the bad signal in the middle of the jungle, but that’s enough to mobilize the entire team.

So, immediately, an investigation is started by the members who are in Los Angeles, which shows SWAT unity.



In this way, we return to the opening scene of the episode of SWAT

So while the bad guys have custody of Hondo and Joe, it’s up to the Thailand and LA teams to find the duo in time.

Thus, while Captain Hicks is leading the action in LA, Deac and Tan are acting on foreign soil.

In the meantime, we can’t forget that Nichelle is pregnant and that brings a great weight to the dangers Hondo faces in SWAT So we can see that from this point on, it’s necessary for Hondo to choose better, or at least put himself in less danger. times.

Likewise, the learning process and how parenting works for the sergeant is under construction. However, it is clear that his only certainty is in being a better father than he was.

search and rescue

As the LA team finds a promising lead on where Hondo is, Deac and Tan, along with Thai SWAT, race to find them.

Shortly after, the team surrounds the site for Hondo and Joe’s rescue. But the story in Thailand does not end here.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that, according to the quality that the series has, it manages to show beautiful landscapes. And the action scenes leave nothing to be desired for fans of the genre.


To be continued

Ultimately, the duo are rescued, but Hondo must fulfill his promise to a new friend. Thet is a boy co-opted by the drug lord, but who helps Hondo in his captivity. As a result of the action, the boy is taken away. So Hondo has to go after him to save Thet.

In conclusion, even Hicks already knows what the sergeant is going to order. Deac and Tan won’t leave Hondo alone. That way, the adventure through Thailand will continue until at least the next episode.

Tell me in the comments what you think of the return of season 6 of SWAT! To the next!

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