Spoiler Alert: The White Lotus, Tulsa King and more

The column spoiler alert this week has a little bit of everything, that is, what we like. We bring news about The White Lotus, Tulsa Kinglike this Young Rock.

We also have the transitions of some casts, quickies and, finally, the trailer of the week. What will we prepare, huh?

Expect the unexpected

The White Lotus

Anyone who has been consuming entertainment for as long as this one who writes you knows that sequels take two directions: complete humiliation or resounding success. The White Lotus is about to find out where that fits in when the second year debuts in the next few months. in conversation with the The Hollywood Reporterthe executive producer, David Bernad, assured that “we don’t have the slightest idea about the creative directions”.

“What I’m most proud of for this second season is that we have a completely different story. The first season is very specific to Hawaii. Season two is more specific to Sicily and the issues of the moment – ​​cultural, social and ideals of that place, which are very different from Hawaii,” he said. So, we can only wait, right?

The King of Comedy

Tulsa King, The White Lotus

in conversation with the Entertainment WeeklyO showrunner in Tulsa King, Terence Winter, said that the protagonist, Sylvester Stallone will have the opportunity to show his more comedic side. “I think people will be very pleased to see the depth of what we’ve built,” he said.

“Audiences will see the sense of humour, heart and emotion in Sly’s character. [apelido do ator Sylvester Stallone]. On top of all that, there’s also everything we love: lots of action. He’s very funny and even those scenes where there’s no space, he manages to bring in little reliefs,” he concluded.

back to action

The White Lotus

When Young Rock return to the air next month there in the United States, we will not see major temporal advances. in conversation with the Entertainment Weeklyco-creators Nahnatcha Khan and Jeff Chiang shared a little bit of what to expect.

The third year will begin shortly after Johnson’s defeat in the US presidential campaign. “We’ll pick up a year later and see what he’s been up to so far,” says Khan.

“He will be in seclusion for a while. However, when he receives a call from President Taft asking for help in the face of a national crisis, he feels compelled to return to the arena,” he concluded.

New ways

The White Lotus

Reaping the fruits of the final episodes of Better Call Saul, Bob Odenkirk is ready to move on. The actor is in the cast of Straight Mana new series from AMC that will only arrive in 2023, but which has already aroused the interest of this voice that writes.

in a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, Odenkirk told a little about what to expect. “I love the tone,” he said. “It’s more comical. But I believe I can relate to my character, who is a misanthrope,” he continued.

“He’s a grumpy guy, but I like him. I think it’s very good in terms of tone. It’s a mix of comedy and drama that I’ve been pursuing for a long time,” she concluded.


* full circle: Jim Gaffigan (voice of franchise Hotel Transylvania) has been confirmed as part of the cast of Steven Soderbergh’s new series for HBO Max. Details about his character have not been revealed. The cast still consists of Zazie Beetz, Dennis Quaid, as well as Claire Danes, and others.

* English Teacher: the FX comedy pilot had its cast confirmed by the channel. Stephanie Koenig (The Offer), Enrico Colantoni (Station Eleven), as well as Julian Sergi (Ramy) will be part of the regular cast. Ordered in June, production is already underway.

* Genius: MLK/X: Disney+ announced the cast of the new season of the anthology series that seeks to accompany a great figure of some relevant area. The new year will be about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, who will be played respectively by Kelvin Harrison Jr. and Aaron Pierre.

* Time Bandits: Lisa Kudrow has been confirmed by Apple TV+ as the protagonist of the television adaptation of the eponymous feature by Terry Gilliam released in 1981. Recent works by the actress include Space Force recently canceled by Netflix.


Abbott Elementary

– Weekly renovations include Big Brother (25th season); Interview with the Vampire (2nd season); Krapopolis (2nd season);

Abbott Elementary is a phenomenon, but after being displayed. According to Nielsen, the series quadrupled its ‘live’ audience after adding the repetitions, recordings, and digital.

– After nine years at the helm of CWMark Pedowitz is exiting the channel now that the sale to the Nexstar Group is underway.

Trailer of the Week: Yellowstone (5th season)

The White Lotus

One of the most anticipated seasons of the year is finally here. O Paramount Network released the trailer for the fifth year of Yellowstone. Between us, that’s all we ask for.

So I’m going to ask you to watch it and tell me in the comments what you think. In the United States, the premiere takes place on November 13. However, there is still no forecast in Brazil, unlike The White Lotus.

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