Smallville: actors reunite 11 years later and fans freak out

the end of Smallville it’s been 11 years since it aired – and since its debut, 21 have passed. But the series remains a favorite in the imagination of comic book fans. Therefore, Smallville was one of the themes of New York Comic Con panels that took place this Saturday, October 8, 2022. (via TV Insider)

On the occasion, Tom Welling (Clark), Erica Durance (Lois), Kristin Kreuk (Lana), and John Glover (Lionel) were present and traveled through the memories of the recordings, the legacy of Smallville and shared some things they wish they had seen on the show.

Welling appreciates Smallville more at this time


Tom Welling is doing a podcast with Michael Rosenbaum (Lex) where they are reviewing the series. The actor could not be present, but he had mentioned several times on stage. And it was on this occasion that Tom Welling revealed that “The more time passes, the more I appreciate it” mentioning the series.

Looking back now, Welling also spoke about some of his co-star’s feelings. “He is able to forget the bad and only remember the good. He admitted that it’s something he couldn’t have done years ago, and Michael is an idiot, so it’s a lot of fun.”

Glover changed Lionel’s course

Glover joined the cast of smallville when another actor quit. “He only filmed one scene, but they wanted him back. He couldn’t do that due to other obligations.” But in season two, they gave him a contract.

In addition, Glover said he had many contributions, “because they wrote a villain and I wanted to make him human.” He thought it worked because people asked him if he should be a good guy or a bad guy. However, Kreuk noted that he was different for younger actors; Glover’s opinion carried more weight than, say, hers.

The “no flights, no pantyhose” rule and the Welling contract

Welling had stated in his original contract that he would not wear pantyhose or wear the hero’s costume. “The show for me was… about people trying to figure out their identities”he explained. “Honestly, we wouldn’t have lasted 10 years if we had put the suit on.” Kreuk added, “it made the series focus on what it should focus on”.

Why did fans connect with Smallville?

to Glover“it’s about the family, [que] attracts everyone”. According to Kreuk, “It’s a lot about the weirdness that makes it special and I feel like everyone has something that makes them weird or different… that sets them apart.”

Durance added, “People love the good versus the bad story. They love people who are fighting for what’s true and right and they want to see good win and if life or the world in general is hard and hard to sit and watch something where you see goodness and truth and goodness then it’s simple, but it’s a beautiful story.”

Also, as Welling pointed out, identity was a big theme: “Who am I? why am i here? What should I or shouldn’t I do?”

Welling wanted Bruce Wayne in the series

“I thought it would be cool for Clark to get into the Talon and Lex is sitting with someone, who gets up and leaves, and Clark looks at Lana, ‘Who is it? Lex looks very upset.” And the other person is Bruce Wayne.

But that never came to pass.

About filming with Christopher Reeve

Welling recalled having a day to film, but Reeve stayed longer than anticipated, to the point where his nurse forced him to leave. “One thing he hasn’t allowed you to feel is pity for him”he said. “And so if you look at that performance, it’s all in his eyes… It was a very powerful day.”.

Glover added that he worked with Reeve before his accident and noted: “He grew so much as a human being because of that accident. He was a remarkable man.”

Taking the cue, Tom Welling commented on the legacy of smallville paving the way for other series.

“Supernatural would never have done this in 15 years… Jensen Ackles as my trainer and Lana’s boyfriend, come on. This ended up launching his career.“.

On social media, the images that the actors shared were enough to make fans freak out in the comments.

“I don’t believe. My entire childhood there. I miss seeing you together”said one fan. “Master Smallville’s a huge nostalgia” completed one second.

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