She-Hulk episode 9: post-credits scene explained

She-Hulk (She-Hulk Defender of Heroes) destroyed MCU convention in an ending that still manages to maintain the traditional Marvel Studios post-credits scene.

the end of She-Hulk addresses the consequences of Jennifer Walters’ (Tatiana Maslany) justified anger at her privacy being violated by a group of male internet trolls calling themselves Intelligencia.

It builds on the standard MCU climax where all the loose threads from the series, Intelligencia, Titania, Hulk and the blood stolen from She-Hulk, combine at Emil Blonsky’s retreat. However, as this is not the end of She-Hulk than Jen imagined, she literally breaks the fourth wall to raise her grievances with KEVIN, the AI ​​in charge of production at Marvel Studios.

A discussion ensues between Jen and KEVIN, which exposes many of the flaws in the MCU’s stereotypical approach to storytelling. Eventually, Jen gets the ending she wants, but that formula ended up showing up. Having previously revealed that Blonsky is violating his bail terms by appearing as an Abomination in paid lectures. He is then sent back to prison at the end of the episode.

The traditional post-credits scene follows the moment when Wong once again frees Emil Blonsky from prison. Thus offering him sanctuary in Kamar-Taj, which Emil graciously accepts.

This makes up for Wong’s original promise to Blonsky for helping him in his quest to become Sorcerer Supreme. An offer that Emil originally rejected because he wanted to show contrition for his actions as an Abomination.

Abomination in Kamar-Taj may explain its absence of Thunderbolts


Given Emil’s redemption in She-Hulk, it has been assumed that the Abomination’s services may have been requested by Valentina (Julia Louis-Dreyfus). She has already appeared in Black Widow is at Falcon and the Winter Soldierrecruiting a more morally complex superteam before the movie thunderbolts (2024).

How Emil Blonsky Was Recruited By General Thaddeus E. “Thunderbolt” Ross To Face The Hulk In The incredible Hulk 2008’s Abomination seemed like a certainty for the MCU’s Thunderbolts team.

However, when the Thunderbolts’ lineup was revealed at D23 Expo 2022, the Abomination was not there. Not surprisingly, Blonsky was not recruited by Valentina.

After Jen Walters negotiated his release, Emil left his life of military service and superhuman powers behind. All this, to achieve inner peace and help other superhumans find theirs, including Man-Bull and Porcupine in She-Hulk.

Although he is still transforming into the Abomination at the end of the She-Hulk, he claims it is purely to make money from public appearances. Money he’s likely to filter back to his retreat.

When he was sent back to prison for violating his bail conditions, viewers of She-Hulk they may have expected the post-credits to find Emil offering a deal for Valentina. Instead, they saw Wong return to Blonsky’s cell to once again offer him sanctuary in Kamar-Taj.

This is a much happier ending for Emil than summoning him into the service of the Thunderbolts. In Kamar-Taj, he can continue to work on himself and his efforts to achieve inner peace. With the protection of the Masters of the Mystic Arts, Emil should be able to avoid detection by Val and the Thunderbolts.

Will Abomination Return in the MCU?


Tim Roth’s IMDb page has no more Marvel Studios projects listed besides She-Hulk. So it’s unclear if the Abomination will return to the MCU. Though he’s now living in Kamar-Taj, the Abomination doesn’t seem like the ideal fit for the as-yet-unannounced Doctor Strange 3.

thunderbolts it was one of the most logical places for Blonsky to reappear. And while Marvel may have held back from announcing its involvement until after the end of She-Hulkto avoid spoiling the Disney+ series, its post-credits scene hints that Blonsky will be hiding out in Kamar-Taj.

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Another potential Marvel movie for The Abomination to appear is Captain America: New World Order. This one which will feature the return of Tim Blake Nelson as Samuel Sterns from The incredible Hulk.

It was Sterns who was forced to create the Abomination when Blonsky demanded to be injected with Banner’s blood. In the comics, Samuel Sterns became the villain Leader. And it is confirmed that the character of The incredible Hulk who returns will be the villain of captain america 4. At the end of The incredible HulkSterns undergoes a mutation that eventually turns him into the Leader.

How was Blonsky’s transformation into the Abomination that caused Sterns to be exposed to Bruce Banner’s blood, New world order looks like a much more likely movie for another appearance by a repentant Emil Blonsky.

Despite Jen Walters’ passionate plea for KEVIN and the MCU to try new stories and break free of their formula, Marvel Studios is clearly still following that formula to some extent.

Despite being a fun return to Wong’s original offer in Episode 3, the post-credits scene of She-Hulk between Wong and Blonsky also opens up all sorts of possibilities for Abomination’s future in the MCU.

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