SEAL Team 6×03 Puts a Target on the Team

Just as the last episode ended, the Bravo team of SEAL Team it’s by a thread. At first, the US government wants a structural change in the way it fights. Above all, what is under discussion is the decrease in the use of special forces, which is where the Bravo team comes in and, of course, so many others.

However, what weighs against the team, is that it has just lost practically two members in the last missions, Clay and Full Metal. Also, let’s not forget about the health issue Jason is facing.

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high command

However, Jason won’t let it go and rushes for Lisa to give her support to the team. In this sense, his character is the one that suffers the most pressure, whether from friends or high-ranking.

Now his prominent position is also a big hindrance, as a wrong decision can literally end the SEAL Team. However, no team is more competent to deliver results and answers than Bravo.

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an addition to the group

After the team is brought back into play, a new member arrives to “take” Clay’s place.

Before you’re shocked, he’s an old acquaintance of the team and ours too. So, Omar is officially the newest member of Bravo.

While a necessary addition, this new member causes a little turmoil, especially with Jason. That’s because, for example, Jason fears he’s there to expose Bravo’s weakness.

Likewise, Clay progresses further and further in his recovery. While he starts to show signs that being quiet for a while is very difficult as he is used to bullets and explosions all the time. That alone portrays how difficult it is for a SEAL Team soldier to be in ordinary civilian life.

Then Clay leaves to talk to Commander Blackburn so he can train the rookies as soon as possible.

However, I see here a big point that needs to be very well developed. Now that he’s off the combat board, how will Clay react to the new routine in SEAL Team?

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one more lap

As the ghost of the end of unity prowls the SEAL Team, the team sets out on another dangerous mission. While adjustments within the team are taking place, new member Omar is still out of place within the unit.

However, SEAL Team leaves for Syria, where they find a dead end regarding the information they were looking for.

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Just an ordinary day in SEAL Team

Along with his network of informants, Omar gets some tips on who to look for to find the target of this mission. However, as the target is still just a witch hunt, Jason isn’t sure how deep the team will go to get such help.

Still, we are introduced to a squad of women who fight, mainly against ISIS (Islamic State).

Help is always welcome

Shortly after the performance between everyone, a major conflict in a penitentiary complex erupts. Now the SEAL Team has a chance to prove they can give something in exchange for information.

However, nothing is as simple as it seems. However, the fighters are more than efficient and, with the help of the SEAL Team, the chaos is soon resolved.

However, the scene you most need to pay attention to SEAL Team is when, after the detonation of one of the doors, the buzz returns to affect Jason. And this is worrying!

It doesn’t end here

When everything seems resolved, a large explosion hits the vicinity of the camp where the SEAL Team is. So this means that the team’s good deed in helping the female combatants has not gone unnoticed. And, in Jason’s words, the target was embedded in Bravo’s back. In other words, the team will soon be in trouble for a change.

Finally, we will be able to see how the chemistry will work with the new member of the SEAL Team. Now without Clay to supervise Jason, it’s up to Ray to carry the burden.

The 6th season of the series brings points that make me wonder if we are really close to the end of the Bravo team. We’ll know soon.

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