Review: 19×01 of Grey’s Anatomy brought news

After a long wait and many comments, Grey’s Anatomy returned for its nineteenth season promising news and a lot of drama.

From the beginning of the episode, everything felt fresh and new, honoring the story that Grey’s Anatomy has been counting since the beginning. Which surprised me, because I still have doubts if the show would continue to move us. In this first episode, we meet five new inmates, which, let’s face it, have the same essences as the five inmates that originally started the series.

But what was my surprise to meet these new characters? Seriously, it felt like I was experiencing the glory years of Grey’s Anatomy. It really felt like a reboot of the series. While some TV shows end and then restart or revive, Grey’s Anatomy keeps restarting nonstop. And it works extremely well, which was a pleasant surprise.

And the surprises didn’t stop. Among the five, Lucas stands out, being related to the Shepherd family and thus Derek and Amelia’s nephew. The new season started very well, and he promises to develop even more, after all the mistakes he made at the beginning.

Grays Anatomy

New directions

Since the news that Meredith Gray only appeared in eight episodes of Grey’s Anatomya lot was asked about what would become of the series and if it wouldn’t be better Grey’s Anatomy finish. However, everything changed when watching this premiere.

Just like in the pilot episode, we saw the new interns on their first shift at Gray Sloan. With great mention of MAGICwe know a little about the new inmates and the future of the show.

Therefore, the thread of the episode was the accident of the bus, resulting from the tornado that we saw in station 19. This accident brought great moments for us fans of Grey’s Anatomy. However, nothing was more impactful than hearing the phrase again “Today is a beautiful day to save lives”. I confess that I got goosebumps and my eyes filled with tears.

Necessary changes in Grey’s Anatomy?

As much as the episode was missed, many things seemed to be out of place. Like the fact that Levi is working with Jo and Link has slept with the new intern. I don’t know about you, but it felt a little forced.

grays anatomy

Okay, it’s been six months since the weary day Mer took over as Chief of the hospital, but even so, that doesn’t justify some strange changes.

As for Nick’s big comeback, I honestly don’t know what to say. I like Mer and Nick, however, I lack some spice in this couple. Not to mention the quick appearance of Owen and Teddy, who remain together and we find out that Owen has lost his medical license.

Now, we can’t wait to see how the series plays out from here, but expectations are high.

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