Outer Range: Season 2 has news that fans wanted

Josh Brolin still hasn’t seen the last great void of Outer Range. The supernatural western has been renewed for a second season on Prime Video, the streaming platform announced on Thursday, Oct. The news was something fans had been waiting for since the season one finale, which ended up in the open. (via TVLine)

Along with the renewal news, Prime Video also confirmed other news. Including the coming of Charles Murray (Sons of Anarchy, Luke Cage) as the series’ new showrunner and executive producer.

Outer Range was successful on Amazon Prime Video

Outer Range
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The series centers on Royal Abbott (Brolin), a farmer fighting for his land and family when he discovers an unfathomable mystery on the edge of the Wyoming wilderness.

At first, her family is dealing with the disappearance of daughter-in-law Rebecca, and later follows other troubles when the owners of a neighboring for-profit ranch make a move for their land.

In addition to Brolin, the cast includes Imogen Poots (Roadies), Lili Taylor (Perry Mason), Tamara Podeski (Reservation Dogs), Lewis Pullman (Catch-22), Tom Pelphrey (Ozark). Plus Noah Reid (Schitt’s Creek), Shaun Sipos (Krypton), Isabel Arraiza (The Oath), Olive Abercrombie (The Haunting of Hill House) as well as Will Patton (Yellowstone).

Brian Watkins created the series and is executive producing alongside Brolin, Murray, Heather Rae, Zev Borow and Tony Krantz.

What will season 2 be about?

There’s no word on what the next season’s storyline will entail, but several key storylines have hinted at possible scenarios and directions the series could go in.

As the official synopsis for episode 8, The West, states: “The Abbott family faces a single-day reckoning as the showdown between Royal and Autumn culminates, unearthing a devastating revelation.”

The next season’s plot can pick up at the end of this episode and continue to expand further and discover more likely dynamics that bring these characters and plot into a seamless unison narrative.

What happened in the end?

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In the final episode of the first season of Outer Range, viewers can see that, Autumn gets into a violent fight with Maria while waiting for her money to be deposited in the bank. Rhett is thrown from the bull he is riding at the rodeo, injuring his shoulder. Autumn dials Amy’s number and requests Royal. He leaves to confront her when she informs him that he can meet her in town. Rhett is undaunted and intends to ride in the final round. He triumphs and he and Maria resolve their differences.

Amy pulls into the parking lot and finds Rebecca, her mother. She invites Amy to accompany her, and the two leave. Cecelia notices that Amy is missing and is looking for her. Meanwhile, Joy witnesses tens of thousands of buffalo running through the fields, as well as several Native Americans chasing and killing them. Autumn confronts Royal in town, and she and Billy try to assassinate him while driving, resulting in a gunfight.

Luke digs a hole in the earth in hopes of discovering something that will make him rich. Oil begins to emerge from the earth, but quickly becomes a stampede of buffaloes. They run over Luke as the stampede continues.

Billy’s truck crashes after Royal kills him while they are still traveling. Autumn is thrown out of the truck and Royal is sent to finish her off. The buffalo stampede through the area before he could escape. Then, Autumn is trampled while Royal finds safety under the vehicle.

After the buffalo left, Royal checks on her and notices that she has a scar on her head where Amy was hit by the shard of glass, revealing that she is Amy. He brings her home and tells Cecelia that all he wants is to be reunited with her family. Cecelia informs her that her entire family has passed away, listing each family member. When she claims that Amy is also gone, Royal says no and invites her to accompany him.

After this season 1 finale of Outer Range, the show’s writers and producers may introduce some new characters to extend the plot and keep it interesting. It is evident that the plot has the potential to be developed further, which will be exciting to watch when the season premieres.

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