New Amsterdam: Max’s Cancer Returned in Season 5?

New Amsterdam has been a little surprised in its fifth season. In addition to trying to build a new romance for Max – in the face of Helen’s departure, fans face the possibility of the protagonist’s cancer returning in the final episodes.

But after all, Max found out he has cancer again in New Amsterdam? We will give spoilers for episode 04 of the 5th and final season of the series.

Max Found a New Neck Mass and Cancer May Have Returned

New Amsterdam

since the beginning of New Amsterdam, we were prepared for the possibility of Ryan Eggold’s character dying. He had cancer from the first episode and faced the challenge of running the hospital while trying to stay alive.

He managed to do both, but there was always the risk of the disease coming back. This is a sad and inevitable consequence that can come from this disease.

About forty-five minutes later in Episode 04, Max got the results of his MRI, and within that, he knew he would need a biopsy.

His future was unclear, and now he had to face the fear of leaving Luna alone in the world. After all, Georgia was dead; and meanwhile Helen is gone. He has a lot of friends close to him, but none other than number 1, who represents the person to take care of him if something happened to him. And that could become his new fight.

In the final minutes, Max received a phone call that apparently gave him good news. After all, he told Dr. Wilder after the carpal tunnel operation that he was “all right”.

But should fans believe Max? That’s the big question that was left from now on in the 5th season of New Amsterdam, as we never heard the doctor say that he had nothing to worry about. Max wouldn’t lie to be malicious, but he would if it meant allowing someone else not to worry – and that includes someone like Wilder, who just went through a very difficult procedure.

Astro commented on the possibility of dying in New Amsterdam

Image: Disclosure.

Ahead of the season five premiere, actor Ryan Eggold and producer David Schulner commented to TV Insider about the challenges of the final season, including the possibility of Max’s cancer returning.

They even took the opportunity to talk about the character’s inevitable comparison with the death of another famous TV doctor: that of Dr. Mark Greene, in the iconic medical series ER – Doctor On Call.

I myself was very curious about it. I had a bunch of ideas and maybe this could happen or maybe this could happen. I was wondering how we can end this story we’ve been telling for so many years. And at the end of last season, David told me about an idea he had for potentially one last moment that really took me by surprise and I didn’t expect it.“, revealed the interpreter of Max.

But Schulner tried to reassure – or deceive fans about a possible death.

“I think the only thing I will say is that I wouldn’t want to imagine a world where there wasn’t a Max Goodwin, so we didn’t want to kill him, like Dr. greene [Anthony Edwards] in ER. I want to believe that Max Goodwin will still be out there helping people, even if the show is off the air, because I don’t want everything he stood for — that optimism and that hope — to go away.”highlighted.

New Amsterdam follows with new episodes in the US every Tuesday, on NBC. In Brazil, there is no release date yet.

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