Law & Order: SVU kicks off season 24 with a bang

First, I need to start by hailing our return. It’s a great pleasure to be back. Besides, having your company means a lot to me who has Law & Order: SVU as one of your favorite series. Without further ado, let’s get down to business: an analysis of the first three episodes of the longest-running drama on American television.

THE season premiere you may know was part of a mega-crossover of the franchise Law & Order. Therefore, it is difficult to analyze a single episode since it is part of a larger narrative. The possible problems of Gimme Shelter – Part Two refers to the problems of every franchise. Situations, unfortunately, have been repeated over the years.

a real start

Knowing the crossover at the season premiere tells you that I consider The One You Need Feed the real start of the season. That episode sets the tone for what’s to come. That’s why I believe the script was perfect. The story chosen is quite simple, but strong and accurate.

A family is in New York for the first time so that their daughter gets to know, and chooses her university. It’s all very beautiful when a gang gets into the same subway car, steals the cell phone, and commits barbarity with a machete. That’s right, a machete in the New York subway.

Law & Order: SVU

Between problems and successes

At first glance, the script is right in proposing a barbaric crime at the beginning of the episode to capture attention. I like the courage to show all that blood so that the viewer understands that something really serious has happened. The problem is that it seems a little unrealistic, even in the face of the growing crime in the city.

A crime like that is viable, I don’t argue with that, but we’re not in Montana or South Dakota. Also, it seems complicated to put only Latinos as members of the gang. I’m not being politically correct or unrealistic here, but you have to be committed to representation.

Law & Order: SVU

beginning of the end

It was recently confirmed that Kelli Gedish would leave the series during the 24th season. His departure, however, couldn’t be more obvious. Especially when we watch Mirror Effect, the third episode of the season. The actress is exceptional in composing this moment of the character, especially the scene she invades her own daughter’s room with a gun.

The character’s situation, as well as Kelli’s work, are the best thing about the episode. Unfortunately, the problem is more of the same. We’ve seen these same proposal hundreds of times, and I’m not a fan of hyperbole. So I reiterate nothing extraordinary, just for Amanda Rollins. See you next week with more Law & Order: SVU.

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