John from The Winchesters meets John from Supernatural in photo

Actor Jensen Ackles shared that he recently took a picture with the two actors who played John Winchester. both that of Supernatural as for the new series, The Winchesters.

Akles played Dean Winchester in the TV series Supernatural with Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing Dean’s father John. The attraction has maintained its popularity since its 2020 finale, so it was no surprise when the prequel series The Winchesters got the green light in June 2021.

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However, there were roster changes in this prequel – while Jensen Ackles will reprise his role as Dean, the role of John Winchester will now go to Drake Rogers. This choice was based on the plot that shows the story of a young John when he meets and falls in love with his future wife Mary.

And it was exactly at New York Comic Con, this past weekend, that Jensen Ackles took a picture with the John Winchesters from the original series and the prequel. He said in his Instagram post that they were able to talk about the series and catch up. The post also discloses the series, which premieres on October 11 in the US – in Brazil, the premiere was on the 20th, at HBO Max.

The official trailer of The Winchesters came out in early September and gave a lot of background on the show’s history.

After John Winchester returns home from the Vietnam War, he meets Mary in the middle of a fight with a demon. Mary slowly introduces John to the world of demons and hunters, and he realizes that his own father was a hunter. Seeing this as his destiny, he teams up with Mary and the other hunters to fight demons.

The trailer also alludes to a storyline where current Dean Winchester looks for more information about his parents to understand how this all started, implying that the show may shift back and forth in time.

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan could appear in The Winchesters?

As the trailer implies that Dean Winchester will have his own storyline in The Winchestersit’s quite possible that viewers will get a cameo from Morgan playing an older John Winchester.

Despite John’s death in season 2 of Supernatural, he got a cameo in season 14. Dean can find a magic item similar to the one from Season 14 that allows him to talk to his father again. Perhaps to ask for advice or hear an untold story from his parents’ past that John was never able to tell his son. Regardless, a Morgan cameo would be a huge fan service the community Supernatural. And it would marry very well with a prequel that tells the story of John and Mary.

although it seems that The Winchesters will focus primarily on young John and Mary, Dean’s storyline is exciting in terms of the opportunities. Mainly by creating references to Supernatural and cameos from characters from the original series.

The series promises to provide answers about Dean and Sam’s parents and what led up to the events of Supernatural, but who’s to say what else might come up in the plot? Longtime fans of Supernaturalso are excited to find out.

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