Grey’s Anatomy: 8 Details You Might Have Missed

As viewers eagerly await the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Reddit fans are wondering what the writers might be hiding over the course of the new season. The writers of Grey’s have never been shy about bringing back patients, visual subjects or illnesses, and it’s even easy to spot the setting when a character is scheduled to return to Gray Sloane. For example, whenever there is a neonatal emergency, Dr. Addison Montgomery will surely follow.

But some allusions to past seasons, plots and even behind-the-scenes figures go unnoticed by most. Fortunately, sharp-eyed super-fans have pointed out some of the easter eggs viewers might have missed the first time around.

Meredith’s phone background

A user posted a screenshot of Meredith, Izzy and George lying under the Christmas tree at Meredith’s house in season two of Grey’s Anatomy. This sweet moment at home is mirrored by the photo of Meredith’s kids that she uses as her phone wallpaper in Season 18.

He commented: “It’s a photo of the kids near the Christmas tree, which mirrors the season 2 interns. There were a lot of easter eggs/mirrors from season 1, that made me happy.This sweet throwback is especially heartwarming considering that while Meredith’s former roommates at her mother’s house are gone one way or another, the memories they made as interns live on in Meredith’s family.

A runner in Minnesota

One user noted that Meredith and Christina’s time in Minnesota — in seasons 18 and 9, respectively — were not only similar in location, but in the hospital setting the show used. This fan shared that the “Minnesota hospital hallway” was actually the “same hallway as when Cristina was there“.

Could this foreshadow Christina returning to her old turf sometime in the next season or two? After all, there were many cities and hospitals between which Meredith could have divided her time; why else would writers have chosen Minnesota?

Season 7 foreshadowed Meredith’s community service

Meredith Gray provides community road cleaning service in Grey’s Anatomy.

Redditor hockeyh2opolo posted a video of Dr. Webber preparing the residents to teach their interns in Season 7. At the scene, Christina replied: “It’s like court-ordered community service.”

Of course, fans who have been involved in the last few seasons of Grey’s can easily connect this to Meredith’s season 16 run-in with the law for committing insurance fraud, for which she is given highway cleaning duty.

Season 2 foreshadowed Christina’s move to Switzerland

In another comment, a fan pointed out: “When Meredith finds out that Cristina is sleeping with Burke, Cristina says, “It’s different, you and Derek are in a relationship. Burke and I are… in Switzerland. It’s very neutral there.They quickly connected this to Burke’s eventual offer for Christina to take on her role at a prestigious Swiss hospital, which she accepts, leaving Gray Sloane Memorial Hospital behind.

While the fan wasn’t sure if the writers were aware of the coincidence or not, another fan agreed that the parallel must have been intentional. “This was the first thing I thought of when Burke gave him Switzerland…

Derek’s old car

Reddit user ljc5 posted a screenshot of Richard Webber in front of a poster in Season 15. The board had a flyer with a brain graphic advertising a trivia night and an ad selling a vintage 1974 Rover. The fan asked, “Isn’t that Derek’s old car from previous seasons?

While it’s unclear whether the other details on the frame – such as an Irish flag or the name Charlie on the car’s flyer – are coded messages to the public, the brain filled with question marks could undoubtedly have been an homage to the intellectual impulse. and the curiosity of the late neurosurgeon.

Christina saying goodbye to Derek

Reddit user sirczechs shared a screenshot of Christina and Derek’s last scene together in season 10 before she left for Switzerland and he died in season 11. There is weight in the theory that points out that the farewell is final, as if Christina knew the fateful fate. That’s because her words, “Derek, goodbye,” feel more solemn, especially considering she doesn’t say goodbye to Meredith.

The Café Rhimes

Reddit user studiouscub caught a subtle nod to the show’s iconic creator Shonda Rhimes in Season 6. They posted a screenshot of a waitress wearing a T-shirt that says “The Rhimes Café” in a small triangle. They also commented, “Shonda Rhimes directed it, so it’s no surprise.”

Another Redditor noticed that there are even more Rhimes easter eggs to be discovered over the course of the show’s 18 seasons. HelloEvie commented, “Now I’m curious about any other ‘Rhimes’ establishments that have flown under the radar…”

A potential crossover: Grey’s Anatomy and Supernatural

A fan posted about a possible message for the CW show, Supernatural. The fan shared that in Season 4 of Grey, “A guy arrives at the hospital with his son with someone’s severed arm in a bag. The guy also plays Lucifer on Supernatural

Fans of both series have been noticing mutual references for a few seasons: CiceroTheCat remembered Supernatural referencing the “Seattle Mercy” hospital and shared, “I always thought it was just because Jeffrey Dean Morgan played Denny and the Winchester brothers’ father John… Also, another fan remembered the show directly referencing the “ghost of Denny”. It’s amazing to think that the show’s writers were in cahoots as they aired on different networks. But anything is possible in the magical world of television.

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