Full House: Shocking Secret Revealed by John Stamos

For kids who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s, John Stamos will forever be Uncle Jesse, the iconic character he played in the full house (Three is too much). And while it all looked like a party, some things behind the scenes at the attraction weren’t easy.

Now, the actor went public and decided to open the game about why he had some personal struggles to be able to film. full house.

Uncle Jesse was a key part of a full house

full house

Playing Uncle Jesse in the classic family comedy, the carefree rocker moved in with his brother-in-law Danny Tanner’s family to help raise his three nieces: DJ, Stephanie and Michelle. Despite his initial hesitation about living with the Tanners, Jesse eventually calmed down with the girls. Realizing he’s more than happy to be a father figure to the kids.

While the full house is a group series, Stamos’ character Jesse Katsopolis was one of the show’s highlights. Given his good looks, musical skills, and overall fun vibe, he balances the more traditional way of parenting Danny.

And behind the scenes, the actor was also responsible for bringing the Tanners back to the small screen after the original series ended in 1995. After looking for a reunion project for years, he ended up becoming one of the producers of Fuller House, on Netflix. In which he reprised his role as Jesse.

Stamos revealed backstage difficulties in a full house

Fuller House Olsen Twins

Stamos made the role of Jesse look so easy. After all, he had an instant connection with the kids, particularly with Michelle.

Behind the scenes, however, he went through a personal struggle to get filming. full house at the beginning, as he recalls in a new interview with CBS Sunday Morning. The revelation shocked a lot of fans, who could not imagine the conflicts that Stamos was going through.

And it had nothing to do with his co-stars (although he at one point tried to fire Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) – rather, it was due to his perception of what his career would be like.

The truth is that John Stamos did not believe in the success of the series and, at times, found himself wanting to leave the attraction.

“It was really difficult. A lot of that was because it just wasn’t where I saw myself at the time.” explained the actor, noting that he would like to pursue a career in the drama genre, not a comedy.

“And the criticism was heavy. They were like, ‘this show won’t last until Thanksgiving.’ And now, I’m so proud of it. I am very happy to have made this series.”

As full house changed Stamos’ life

As Stamos said, your difficulties working in the full house were largely based on his preconceived notion that he wouldn’t do anything else after the series. Or how it could derail his career.

By then, the actor had already starred in General Hospital in a largely dramatic role, so it makes sense that he would be looking for more serious projects.

What he didn’t know was that a full house would change his life forever. Aside from the fact that playing Uncle Jesse was arguably his big wide debut, he’s also gained lifelong friends through comedy.

That included Bob Saget, who died earlier this year unexpectedly. Stamos talked about how hard it was to deal with the massive loss and even now he gets teary-eyed when discussing it.

In addition to Saget, Stamos also maintains a close relationship with most of the series’ original cast. In light of the 35th anniversary of the full house, he shared a behind-the-scenes video of them filming the iconic intro video in front of San Francisco’s townhouses.

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