Fire Country: series debut showed its potential

The series fire country is referred to as the “new Chicago Fire”. However, the first episode shows a very different dynamic. Above all, the series is a bet by the CBS channel for a successful genre on American TV.

However, it is clear that the main scope is a team of firefighters and their challenges. But from there, the distance from fire country for the other series it is clear.

Where does the action take place in Fire Country?

In this regard, we are introduced to Edgewater, California, a small town with a strong sense of community that suffers from wildfires every year.

Thus, it is predicted that the locality and this feeling will be something very strong during at least the first season of fire country. As well as each resident presented has its story to tell.

firefighter program

Right at the beginning of the episode fire countrywe meet Bode, the character played by Max Thieriot.

As with the sentence reduction program for those who commit crimes, firefighter “work” can be used to redeem part of the sentence as well. But something very strange happens when Bode realizes where he and his companions will start their work. It soon becomes clear that Bode has a past in Edgewater.

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Goat in Fire Country

Still, the reason for the crime that Bode committed is not clear. And, in addition, as your character is shown, you can be in doubt if we are watching SEAL Team or fire country.

Jokes aside, the regret, pain, and despair of not staying in town makes it clear that he’s not a bad guy. However, it is still too early to jump to conclusions, but little by little we will understand his story better.

The other characters are interesting too

At the same time, the city receives the prisoners as a task force to contain and fight fires. Interestingly, it has a well-structured department, and the real heroes are there.

Furthermore, the other members of fire country are equally interesting. So, in the meantime, we meet a sports star who has just returned to her hometown, Gabriela, Manny’s daughter, who will be taking care of the inmates’ task force.

fire department

Meanwhile, we also have the story of Vince, the fire captain, who leads young Jake and Eve, two excellent firefighters. But the two are still in the process of personal maturation. In this way, we see how they deal with their personal relationships and the loss of someone close.

We still have Leone, the head of the department, who already makes clear her “iron fist” to command the entire operation that protects Edgewater from the fires.

fire country

Showing service

After Manny’s introduction and some training, an accident soon arises that unfolds into a massive fire, being regarded as the first trial by fire for the city’s task force and firefighters.

Immediately, at this point, Bode’s leadership is exercised when one of the members puts on a little “show” after receiving the news that he will have to do all his work again.

Another interesting situation was when Jake and Eve are trapped in danger, in the middle of the fire. And, in an act that goes against Manny’s orders, he sets out to rescue the firefighters.

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After Bode’s arrival at the place where the firefighters are trapped, the series reveals the protagonist’s reason for not wanting to stay in the city at all.

Before any introductions are made, Bode saves Jake’s life. However, after the fire is extinguished, both recognize the “hero”. Things make sense now, and Bode blames himself, as well as Jake, for Riley’s death, even if he doesn’t understand the full context of the story.

fire country

Fire Country is more than just fires

Occasionally, a triangle may arise between Gabriela, Bode and Jake. Bode even helps Jake’s girlfriend on a certain night with her car. Especially since she couldn’t be there.

Right at the end, we also see that Leone and Vince are Bode’s parents, which is a big deal. plot twist in fire country.

Finally, the series also shows the reception of the condemned by the city, which shows total gratitude for the help in containing the fire. After all, it’s a great demonstration that the community knows how to recognize those who help keep it safe.

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