Dahmer: Season 2 Could Happen on Netflix

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story was a big hit on Netflix, after its premiere on September 21, 2022. The series, which in Brazil still earned the subtitle of “American Cannibal”, won over 196.2 million viewers in its first week alone.

With the huge success of Jeffrey Dahmer’s story, rumors arose about a possible continuation of the series. With speculation growing about who could be the next subject to focus on Ryan Murphy’s production.

The controversial dramatization of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story about Jeffrey Dahmer’s heinous crimes has won viewers around the world. Whether out of fascination or disgust. And the series has received some praise for focusing not only on Dahmer, but also on the stories of his neighbors, family, and victims.

There’s a vast selection of equally gruesome and notorious killers that could be the focus of a potential “Monster” season two. However, Ed Gein and John Wayne Gacy also received some attention during Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. The inclusion of these assassins was completely unnecessary to the story. Besides the fact that Dahmer was baptized the same day Gacy was executed. So that might suggest that any one of these men could steal the spotlight from Dahmer in a possible “Monstron” season two.

Are there plans for season two of the “Monster” franchise on Netflix?

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Jeffrey Dahmer’s life story was closed entirely at the end of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. So there’s no way Season 2 will focus on any other aspect of Dahmer.

Since Dahmer’s story has already been told, it’s possible that Ryan Murphy could follow his anthology trend of American Horror Story and American Crime Story. That way, focusing on other infamous serial killers. Similar to Netflix’s true-crime documentary series, Talking to a Serial Killer. The most part of which deals precisely with Dahmer.

It seems likely that Netflix wants to cash in on the monumental success of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. Developing at least one more season with Murphy at the helm.

Despite that, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story gained production on Netflix as a limited series, four years after Murphy’s five-year contract with the streaming service, which has so far seen production on less-hyped titles like The Politician, Ratched and Hollywood.

Murphy did not confirm the development of Monster Season 2, but with the success it wouldn’t be a surprise if more seasons were created.

How could Monster go on without Jeffrey Dahmer

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Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story has huge potential to become another one of Ryan Murphy’s anthology series.

Netflix has been kicking the real-crime theme for a bit in recent years, with the popularity of exploring the human darkness becoming increasingly apparent, but Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story seems to stand out from the crowd. There are several routes Netflix and Murphy could take with the continuation of the series, two of which have already been tested with American Horror Story and American Crime Story on FX.

American Horror Story features a new story each season, utilizing the same main cast members. While American Crime Story still features a new story, it changes the cast each season, bringing new faces to the surface in roles audiences might not expect them to play. Any of these techniques would work perfectly for Monster Season 2. Even though the focus on Dahmer may be over, a new cast could come in telling a harrowing new story and still live up to the legacy of “Dahmer: An American Cannibal.”

All the serial killers that could be the focus of “Monster” season 2

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If Netflix and Ryan Murphy produce Monster Season 2, there are plenty of serial killers they can focus on. The most obvious candidate, however, would be John Wayne Gacy, who was featured in the final episode of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story“God of Forgiveness, God of Vengeance”.

Between 1967 and 1978, Gacy murdered at least 33 youths and boys, burying most of them in the space beneath his home. Gacy, as such, is one of the most infamous serial killers in American history, making his story the perfect choice for a full season. On Monster, Jeffrey Dahmer also found himself being compared to Ed Gein, who also declared insanity at his trial after two murders, seven suspicious murders, and nine occasions to exhume corpses and desecrate graves.

While Gacy and Gein would be pertinent subjects for a new season of the series, there are several other choices that would be perfect for the series.

Names like Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez as well as Edmund Kemper can be featured, especially as viewers of the Netflix will already be familiar with them after other shows cover their stories.

As popularity soars to Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Storyonly time will tell if this will become a multi-season franchise or not.

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