Dahmer: Netflix debuts another series and generates more controversy

Dahmer seemed to hit the pages of the newspapers again, overnight, after being the subject of a fictional Netflix series created by Ryan Murphy. In Dahmer: An American Cannibalwe see actor Evan Peters bring to life the serial killer who terrorized the United States, in a wave of unparalleled cannibalism.

The series, of course, generated a lot of controversies, especially on the part of the victim’s relatives, who felt hurt when they saw their loved ones become characters in a series on Netflix. Likewise, the way history portrayed them also hurt them. But now, Netflix has decided to polemicize once again with the subject Dahmer, debuting a new series. This time in documentary format.

This is the new season of Talking to a Serial Killer, which features recordings of Jeffrey Dahmer. In Brazil, the subtitle of the production was “O Cannibal de Milwaukee”.


In previous seasons of the documentary series, serial killers Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy spoke about their crimes through their own voices. And this time, Jeffrey Dahmer receive the same treatment. The series thus consists of three 60-minute episodes with recordings of interviews with Dahmer. Also, along with new interviews of various people involved with the case.

However, there will not be many family members of victims in further interviews. Documentary series director Joe Berlinger recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight about who would appear in the documentary. And he confirmed that there wouldn’t be many new footage of victims’ relatives talking about what happened. Noting, moreover, that most of those approached were understandably not interested in participating.

Most did not want to participate.“, said Berlinger. “Most didn’t respond or declined, and I can understand why..”

With that being said, Berlinger said the docuseries is about the true story in regards to families. And he insists it is “responsibly told and sensitive to victims”.

Given the trauma many family members still feel to this day, and relived by the Netflix series Dahmer, Berlinger also understands whether any of them would like to watch the new series. But either way, he hopes no one will be offended by the way the story is told. Especially, when it comes to the victims of the serial killer.

I certainly don’t expect them to watch the show, but if they do, I hope they feel like we treat their loved ones with respect.“, he said.

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A press release from Netflix states that the aim of the documentary series is to launch “new light on the intersection of race, class, sexuality and policing that gave rise to one of the most notorious killers of the 20th century”.

As Dahmer: An American Cannibal was a scripted series that, while very faithful to the true story, takes some creative liberties, viewers might want to check out Talking to a Serial Killer. All this, to better understand what really happened.

According to the synopsis, “When Milwaukee Police entered the apartment of 31-year-old Jeffrey Dahmer in July 1991, they discovered the gruesome personal museum of a serial killer: a freezer filled with human heads, skulls, bones and other remains across multiple states. decomposition and display. Dahmer quickly confessed to sixteen murders in Wisconsin in the previous four years.

Plus one more in Ohio in 1978, as well as unimaginable acts of necrophilia and cannibalism. The discovery shocked the nation and surprised the local community. Who was outraged that such a depraved assassin had been allowed to operate within her city for so long. Why was Dahmer, who had been convicted of sexual assault of a minor in 1988, managed to avoid police suspicion and detection? All of this while pursuing Milwaukee’s gay scene for victims, many of whom were people of color?”.

Talking to a Serial Killer: The Milwaukee Cannibal is now available on Netflix.

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