Chicago Med’s 8×03 Turned into a Doctor’s War

Chicago Med went back to doing what he loves most: pitting his doctors against each other.

I have already expressed in several reviews here in the Series Mix about how I find this lack of ethics and arrogance on the part of doctors in Chicago Medbut it seems the showrunners of the series don’t really know how to tell the story without pitting them against each other.

We constantly see doctors overriding the diagnosis of the other, going against the indicated treatments, and doubting the word of experts. And that happened a lot in the third episode of the eighth season. I confess that I am tired of this approach of Chicago Medbut I don’t see the series changing it anytime soon.

Charles’ patient returns

Chicago Med 8x03

The patient from the first episode of this season, David, returned, which was a relief since his story had been left open. After being diagnosed with schizophrenia, his family chose to leave the hospital, with his story going without a proper outcome.

During his evaluation, however, Dr. Charles and Cuevas, who is a psychiatry novice at the hospital, disagreed on how to treat him, with Cuevas administering medication without Charles’ authorization. Of course, this created a storm beyond measure, with Charles getting quite annoyed – something that is rare to see in the series.

But Cuevas was just moving in the direction of new medical studies and literature, which, by the end of the episode, had her and Charles right. But it’s sad to see the script designate a study like that for a simple medical dispute, making the public cheer against someone who’s only up to date in medicine. How embarrassing!

All against Crockett

Crockett, however, was the one who caused the most trouble in this episode of Chicago Med. In the plot, he gave steroids to a patient to “cheat” a surgery that Sam refused to do because of the risky results.

And when Sam found out everything, he ended up taking it out on Vanessa that he was working with Crockett – this one, who didn’t understand anything. Then, it was Vanessa’s turn to be furious and go to Crockett to question why he had done this. The excuse was that he wanted to leave her out in case something went wrong, but Vanessa pointed out that what she sees is Crockett not respecting her.

In the end, Crockett was in an awkward situation with both Sam and Vanessa, and still needed to hear Archer’s joke about how much he likes living “on an island”.

Chicago Med

To top it off, of course Will couldn’t stay out of the Rebels’ party. Chicago Med.

He treated a patient with MRSA by giving her an antibiotic that she was allergic to because the alternative was in short supply at the hospital. And all because of a general drug shortage that Chicago has been experiencing, leading Chicago Med to adopt some protocols that Dr. Halstead didn’t like it.

He was expected to do that, and once again Halstead got into a troubled situation with Sharon, who needed to get his attention. But this lack of medication doesn’t seem to go away anytime soon and is likely to create more problems at the hospital.

And in another corner of the hospital, we witness a conflict between Choi and Hannah, over a patient requesting not to be treated by Hannah because she knows her past. This fact ended up shaking the confidence of Dr. Asher, and pitting her against Choi, who only complied with the patient’s request.

Only the patient was a pregnant woman in withdrawal who knew about Asher’s drug past. And since she found out she was pregnant, she didn’t want to be tested for her baby.

Asher pointed out how much progress she’s made, and that ended up encouraging Choi to turn a blind eye and not file any complaints against a pregnant woman. There are evils that come to good.

As usual, this episode Chicago Med it was a show of lack of ethics and conflict between the doctors. But I don’t know how long series It will hold up with this type of plot. Can we ask to cancel now?

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