Chicago Med’s 8×02 had a new doctor to hate

The second episode of the eighth season of Chicago Med ended up going back to basics. And that doesn’t necessarily mean something bad – or good. It depends on the point of view of how the viewer still sees the Chicago Med driving.

Some time ago, the series been going around in circles, and pretty lost on what to do with her characters. Stories come and go, and they all seem to have something to do in the story, besides seeing their patients and fighting with their colleagues for the way they treat them. This is something very different from Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, who know how to advance their characters amidst the “cases of the week”. Unfortunately, Chicago Med nothing swims and dies on the beach.

Episode brought new doctor for us to hate

the showrunners of Chicago Med they had already anticipated that we would have new residents in history. So, the second episode tried to insert some into the plot.

What stirred the episode the most was Dr. Kai Tanaka-Reid, who arrived at the hospital to learn from experienced doctors. However, and perhaps for the sake of learning leftovers in times of a pandemic, Dr. Kai turned out to be a complete bully.

Of course, the treatment he received was not the best from the doctors, but he tried so hard to impose himself that he ended up putting a patient’s life at risk by having a direct confrontation with Crockett.

Chicago Med 8x02

The Doctor. Kai seemed to me that he didn’t know where his place was, and with that, he ended up making a lot of mistakes. He called Dr. Marcel by his first name, and even demanded credits in saving the patient that he actually put at risk. But apart from that detail, it would be very strange for Dr. Marcel left the credit to an intern, since he’s there to be an assistant and learn. Crockett is the registered doctor and he is responsible.

In the end, he filed a complaint against Crockett, who he took it “in good spirits,” and said he’s looking forward to Kai learning a few things from him. I think Kai is going to do a little bit of plot work this season.

Charles, Will and Asher share interesting case

Chicago Med 8x02

Another interesting case in this episode was that of Will and Asher, which ended up putting Charles in his path.

It’s just that Charles’s intern is trying to run around, and ended up diagnosing the little boy’s mother very quickly, something that’s not prudent to do in this area.

A mother with hallucinations, and who was preventing her son from being treated, after both had an accident, was the trigger for a lot of commotion to happen in the corridors of Chicago Med. But this case served to alert us to Charles’s intern, which could also be a problem factor for him. I keep asking myself, where did they select these doctors?

At other points, we had Dr. Archer more human, going to meet his son who is in prison. I found this plot interesting, to the point that Dean is able to right the wrongs of the past. But it is clear that there is a clash between father and son that needs to be adjusted, mainly on the part of Dean who is always a “know-it-all”, see the way he conducts himself inside the Chicago Med.

Maggie and Ben begin to go through a crisis when he belatedly discovers that Vanessa’s father is having contact with the girl and Maggie. I don’t see a breakup happening, but there was a breach of trust and it’s clear that Maggie is rocked by the presence of her ex-lover in the hospital. Will we have more conflicts for our head nurse?

It was a lukewarm episode like Chicago Med always ends up being. But we stand firm and ready to see where these interns will cause problems for their teachers.

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