Chicago Med: Original Actor Shocks and Leaves Season 8

Someone call the HR employee from Chicago Med because another doctor is leaving the hospital!

Actor Brian Tee, who plays Dr. Ethan Choi announced on Wednesday that he will be leaving the NBC drama later this year after eight seasons. The first to give the information was the website deadline.

The last appearance of Dr. Choi will be in episode 9, titled “Could Be the Start of Something New,” which airs on December 7.

Tee is one of the original stars of the series, being in Chicago Med since the first episode that aired in 2015. However, the actor was temporarily absent for much of Season 7 while filming the upcoming Prime Video series, expatsalongside Nicole Kidman.

Ethan ended up returning to the hospital after recovering from a gunshot wound and surgery, and even ran into his ex April (former series regular Yaya DaCosta) in the Season 8 premiere.

Chicago Med 8x01

Actor says goodbye to the series

According to Deadline, Tee opted out of Chicago Med to spend more time with his family and pursue other career opportunities.

“Interpreting Dr. Ethan Choi in Chicago Med It was a gift and a blessing.” Tee told the site. “I am eternally grateful to our fans and colleagues, both in front of and behind the camera, as I embark on a new journey. I am forever grateful to Dick Wolf, NBC and Universal Television for choosing me.”

The actor, in addition, described the farewell of Dr. Choi as “adequate” and “beautiful”.

“I think the fans will love it”said Tee. “It’s going to bring in a little bit of the new Ethan and a little bit of the old. Know that episode 9 is going to be amazing.”

Tee’s output is not the only one to hit Chicago Med this season: Guy Lockard, who played pediatrician Dr. Dylan Scott, left the series in the season 8 premiere.

He was the second of last season’s new series regulars to leave the show, following Kristen Hager, aka Dr. Stevie Hammer, who quit midway through Season 7.

The chair dance Chicago Med seems to demonstrate a certain instability behind the scenes. It is worth remembering, in the same way, that the series begins to run a risk of cancellation, in case NBC comes to exclude the 10 pm time from its schedule. If that actually happens, it’s very likely that only Chicago PD and Chicago Fire will get away with the cancellation.

The eighth season of Chicago Med has not yet premiered in Brazil. But there’s still no release date for Universal.

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