Chesapeake Shores 6×09 was silly and fooled fans

This final season of Chesapeake Shores, in my view, has been quite frustrating. And this ninth episode ended up being the great synonym of how this frustration was generated.

I decided to leave my general complaints for the review of the last episode that airs next week, and focus only on how Chesapeake Shores managed to fool fans with just a single episode. The truth is that, just like the season, she promised and didn’t deliver.

Luke’s shot backfired…

Luke’s shooting story was a complete waste. A few actors, in the past week, had goaded the fans, said something shocking was going to happen, and a twist was coming… And then, Luke’s shot came.

Yes, Luke was shot, but nothing happened to the character, or it had a big impact on the plot. Luke ended up in the hospital, and the only thing the story spawned was a visit from his probation officer, saying he’d ease up on him, and Bree bringing him a cactus. Just it.

Chesapeake Shores missed an excellent opportunity to agonize the characters for at least a couple of episodes, and thus bring a real drama to Bree that wasn’t fantasizing a movie about her book that ended up not happening.

Chesapeake Shores 6x09

Promises were broken and Chesapeake Shores came to nothing

For a story that came out of nowhere, I really think some fans got their hopes up too high for a twist, but this sixth season is actually doing just that. Of random stories that come and go.

Mick’s problem is an example. That Luke shooting was another story. Same with Bree. But the biggest trolling came with Caitlyn, who seemed to be exploring her sexuality. I really believed that Chesapeake Shores could go that route, but in the end, the friend was bullying the girl for being a nerd. Come on, who bullies nerds these days? Being a nerd is even status these days. It seemed lazy to me and unconnected with what the series proposed to tell.

So, it seems, Chesapeake Shores kept picking up bits and pieces here and there to get to a final episode that won’t leave you feeling homesick. What is a shame.

Evan changes personality overnight in Chesapeake Shores

To complete the icing on the cake, Evan proved to be one of the most superficial characters in Chesapeake Shores. Because he wanted to know more about his family tree, and investigate his family members.

So when he ran into his biological father, he didn’t want anything to do with him. Mandrake ended up bringing his father to town, and that sparked trouble after trouble.

Not only did Evan be ignorant to someone he’d gone after—and who had no news of his whereabouts, but he also took it out on Mandrake, firing him. To top it off, he also ignored Abby and disappeared. Is this the heartthrob and love interest that Chesapeake Shores want the audience to cheer? Frankly, I miss Trace.

To say it has no history…

Chesapeake Shores ended its penultimate episode by putting Kevin’s baby in the bud, but apparently without creating any drama. And this story ended up also coming up so that the series just had a hook at the end.

After all, Sara’s pregnancy was a hit on the series, and she jumped months overnight.

I will be satisfied with the series closing its stories, but I confess that I will go into the last episode of the series with a bitter taste of frustration. It’s a shame that such a delicious series, which served well to pass the time, ends its journey in Netflix so.

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