Black Butterflies: all about the new Netflix series

Among the great premieres this Friday on Netflix, October 14, is the French series black butterflies. A dark series, as the title suggests not to be missed, the attraction is starring the duo Niels Arestrup and Nicolas Duvauchelle.

The series follows Adrien (Nicolas Duvauchelle), an uninspired writer who is contacted by a very mysterious gentleman, Albert (Niels Arestrup). He wants him to write his memoirs. During the meetings, he opens up and talks about the passionate love he had for a certain Solange, with whom he confesses to having committed many murders, each one more sordid than the last.

The two men establish a relationship between fascination and repulsion. But, in the course of the meetings, Adrien ends up discovering that he didn’t choose him by chance…

black butterflies

The sordid story of the murderous couple of black butterflies was inspired by a true story?

We may ask ourselves the question at a time when several killer news stories are being adapted on the small and large screen, but the answer is no: Albert and Solange’s murderous odyssey, in fact, did not happen.

“Their story is not based on a true story. But obviously serial killer couples, there were many. There were some very real stories. Obviously, we did our job by reading everything and watching the few movies that dealt with it. But there is no specific case that inspired us to write this story.”explain Olivier Abbou and Bruno Merle, the two creators of the series.

“A very ambiguous consenting victim role that was interesting to explore”

What particularly interested the duo here in this story of a serial killer couple is the role played by the famous Solange, which is that of women often playing an ambiguous role in these murder stories.

“They are rarely convicted because they hardly act. They therefore have a very ambiguous consenting victim role that was interesting to explore.” stressed the creators of the series.

Image: Disclosure.

The series’ cast includes Nicolas Duvauchelle as Adrien Winckler, Niels Arestrup as Albert Desiderio, Axel Granberger as Albert Jeune, Alyzée Costes as Solange, Brigitte Catillon as Catherine, Henny Reents as Nastya, Lola Créton as Catherine Jeune, Marie Denarnaud as Mathilde, Alice Belaïdi as Nora and Sami Bouajila as Carrel.


The official synopsis for the series reads: “With little inspiration for his second book, a dark novelist agrees to write a memoir for a dying man – and quickly becomes part of his bloodstained past”.

Adrien Winckler is a struggling novelist who ghostwriters for a living.

In the twilight of his life, Albert Desiderio, a humble retiree, decides to hire Adrien to write his memoirs. But the incredible love story that Albert shared with Solange during the ’70s turned out to be the confession of a serial killer couple. Between fascination and revulsion, Adrien must face facts – this novel has everything to be good, so why not make it yours? But the writer discovers that Albert didn’t choose him by chance.

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