What is the Best Exercise to do in the Morning?

Everyone knows that, to start the day in a good mood, nothing better than doing physical activity before any commitment. If you’re looking for the best exercise to do in the morning, you ‘ve come to the right place! Today, we’ll give you excellent movement tips that will help your body wake up healthy.

It’s no use including physical activity in your routine and not performing the right exercises; on the contrary, lack of guidance can cause serious injuries. Thinking about it, we prepared a list of 5 exercises to practice as soon as you wake up and have a healthy life.

Know the effects of physical activity on our body

Physicians unanimously recommend physical activity for all ages. Contraindications are very specific and do not outweigh the benefits generated for the body and mind.

In case you’re still resistant to including physical exercise in your life, let’s help you decide once and for all! Check out some reasons to do physical activity below.’

Best Exercise to do in the Morning

Improves immunity

Exercise has an anti-inflammatory effect, which helps to strengthen immunity. For this, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), physical activity should be done for at least 20 minutes a day.

Delays aging

As we age, our muscles lose efficiency. By moving the body with the ideal intensity and time, we contribute to the health of mitochondria, responsible for the respiratory process of muscle cells. With that, the aging process of our organism slows down.

brings more joy

If you suffer from anxiety, high levels of stress or face problems caused by depression, physical activity tends to be a very effective mechanism to mitigate the effects. According to experts, movements act on neurotransmitters, causing good mood and well-being.

Why exercise in the morning?

As we have seen, combating a sedentary lifestyle can bring us several advantages, both physically and psychologically. However, why is it that exercising in the morning tends to bring more effective results?

This question is very easy to answer when we understand that our body behaves the way we stimulate it. In other words, it’s like the body is a blank page in the morning, and we direct how it will act throughout the day.

Although sleeping later may seem like a very pleasant thing, when we create the habit of waking up early to practice physical activity, the balance is even greater. So, have no more doubts! Between exercising in the morning or at night , always choose the beginning of the day.

5 exercises to do when waking up

Physical activity and then a hearty breakfast with orange juice , fruit and cereal can bring about a real revolution in your day. So, we separate 5 exercises, you just need to put them into practice to have a whole day in a more mood. Check out.

1 – Stretching after waking up

hyperbolic stretching review to do in the morning is indicated for those who don’t have much time. It can be done while still in bed: turn your neck to both sides; stretch your arms and legs and stretch your whole body. Lie down and, on your back, bend your right leg towards your chest, stay for 30 seconds and repeat with the other leg.

2 – Yoga practice

Anyone who practices yoga in the morning claims that the movements are perfect for relaxing the body and mind. Lay out a mat at home, put on some music and start doing yoga poses. Stretch your spine, take a deep breath and follow all the movements guided by the exercise.

3 – Squats and resistance exercises

The best exercise to do in the morning to tone your muscles and burn energy is the squat. Open your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees, tilt your hips down and back, and stand up straight again. Do this move over and over again.

Jumping jacks and abdominal planks are exercises that people can do at home in order to make the muscles more worked and acquire more physical resistance. You will see that the pains you have will tend to get weaker.

4 – Walk or run

To burn calories, the most suitable movement is aerobic, which includes walking in the morning or jogging. This exercise is done outside, preferably in places where nature is present.

With the morning run , outdoors, you’ll be getting vitamin D shots with the sun. So if given the choice between the treadmill and the morning run, always opt for the second option.

5 – Sit-ups, jumping rope and push-ups

We are proposing a small circuit that can be easily done at home. Do the stretch, then do a set of 50 push-ups and 100 rope jumps. If you’re not used to doing physical activity, just do one set to start and increase the repetitions over time.

Don’t forget: go to the doctor regularly, perform routine exams whenever possible and have a healthy diet. With health, we can not play, leave to relax only in yoga sessions.

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