What are the Best Antivirus Apps (7 Best Antivirus Apps)

Are you also searching for a Best Antivirus App for your phone which will protect your phone from Virus and Malware? So this post is specially for you in which you will know what is Antivirus Apps and which are the best Antivirus Apps for Android phone.

In today’s era of technology, you all must know how important mobile phone is in our life. Just as we are worried about our health, in the same way we are also worried about our phone that our phone may not get damaged, hang or get hacked.

It is very important for us to keep the phone safe because it contains all our personal data like Photos, Videos and Bank Details etc. And in such a situation, if your personal data goes into the wrong hands, then you can get into a big problem.

Best Antivirus Apps

For this reason, we have to protect our phone from harmful Viruses like Virus, Malware and Spyware, so we must download an Antivirus App in our phone. So in today’s post you will know what is Antivirus App and which are the best Antivirus Apps.

What is Antivirus Apps

Antivirus Apps are those Apps that detect and delete harmful Virus and Malware coming in your Mobile and apart from this it prevents every file like Virus from coming in your Mobile.

In other words, we can call these apps as mobile’s defense shield which protects our mobile from Virus and hacking Protects from and makes our phone Fast, Virus free and secure.

What are the best Antivirus Apps (Best Antivirus Apps)

After knowing this what is Antivirus Apps? But now the question comes that which are the Best Android Antivirus Apps? And which Antivirus Apps should we download?

In fact, it is very difficult to decide which Antivirus App is good. Because you will find many Antivirus Apps on Google Play Store. Some of which work properly but some are completely useless, so now you will know which are the best Antivirus Apps for Android.

1) AVG Antivirus Free

AVG Antivirus App is one of the most downloaded Antivirus Apps on Google Play Store which has been downloaded by 100M+ people. And at the same time, it has also got the best rating of 4.5 Stars, its size is only 20 MB, so that it does not take much space in your mobile.

This files in real time, Games Protects your mobile from Spyware, Viruses, Malware and Unsafe Apps and Settings by Scanning Apps and Settings, Makes the Device Fast by Deleting Unnecessary Files and App Lock (PIN, Pattern and Fingerprint) on Sensitive Apps You can secure your mobile.

In this App you get an Encrypted Vault in which you can Hide your Private Photos with Password. Along with this, if your passwords are leaked somewhere, then it alerts you that your passwords have been leaked.

In this App you will get less facility in Free Version. But if you want to use App Backup, Camera Trap, Device Lock, VPN Protection, App Lock and App without Ads, there are some features which are not available for free.

Features –

  1. It boosts the speed of your mobile by killing the Viruses that slow down your mobile.
  2. In this you can find your stolen or lost phone by turning on the location.
  3. With the help of this app, you can see the permission of all the apps installed in your mobile, at what level you have given permission to which apps.
  4. In this app you can hide your private photos by Encrypted Vault.
  5. With the help of this, you can see App Insights that for how long you have run which apps throughout the day.

2) Avast Antivirus App

Avast Antivirus App is also very much downloaded Antivirus App like AVG Antivirus which has received 100M+ Downloads on Google Play Store and has a rating of 4.5 Stars.

This App Automatically Protects Your Mobile From Virus, Malware, Spyware And Trojans By Scanning Web, Apps And Files, Apart From This You Get The Feature Of App Insights, With The Help Of Which You Can Analyze How Much Time You Have Used Throughout The Day. Which app has been run till date.

This is not only a Best Antivirus App but also a Best Cleaner which keeps space in your mobile by deleting Junk Files, System Caches and Residual Files from your mobile.

3) Avira

Avira is one of the best Antivirus, Security And VPN App that protects your phone from harmful files (Viruses), if we talk about its popularity, then this App has got a great rating of 4.4 Stars on Google Play Store and 10M+ people have downloaded this App. Have downloaded also. Download this app by clicking on the download button.

Avira Antivirus App detects Malware by automatically scanning your mobile, checks for threats in External Storage Devices and apart from this it also tells which App can access your Personal Information.

Whenever you disconnect your mobile from an external device, it automatically scans whether any files like Malware, Spwear have entered your mobile.

If any files like Virus, Malware are found then it gives you two options first to delete it and second to ignore it. You can decide on your own whether you want to delete it or want to keep it like this. And it also automatically scans your mobile every day. If you want to scan manually, then you can also do this.

Features –

  1. This is a Super Light Virus Scanner and Cleaner that Detects Malware, Spyware, Blocks And Removes Viruses.
  2. It makes your mobile fast by clearing cache and bad files.
  3. It can detect apps that can access your personal data.
  4. It lets you set a PIN on sensitive apps.
  5. It protects your device by blocking Adware and Malware while browsing.

4) Bitdefender Free Antivirus App

Bitdefender is one of the Best Antivirus Apps which has a rating of 4.5 Stars on Google Play Store and 5M+ people have also downloaded this App and its size is 15MB which is not that much App by clicking on Download button Download

Bitdefender is a free Antivirus App in which you get less facilities than the above apps, in this you can simply scan mobile, you get features like Simple Interface, Quice Performance and No Configure and it also scans SD Cards and Virus Finds out and asks to remove them. This is Totally Free App but still you are shown Ads in it.

This App is very good for those who want to detect and remove Virus by scanning basic needs, this App is a very good option for them.

5) McAfee Antivirus App

McAfee is one of the best Antivirus App in which you not only get Virus Remover but you also get some great features like Memory Booster, Battery Booster, Anti Theft Tool and Storage Cleaner. This App has received 50M+ Downloads on Google Play Store and has got a rating of 4.3 Stars. To download click on the Download button.

In this, you get the feature of Real Timing Scanning for free, which you can turn off and on as per your wish. Let us now know about some of its other features.

Features –

  1. When you connect to a Wifi network, it scans the network to find out whether it is Safe or Unsafe. If it is unsafe, it alerts you.
  2. It’s Automatically Unsafe Website Makes Browsing Safer by blocking more links
  3. In this you get the facility of Dark Web Monitoring.
  4. It boosts the speed of the phone by deleting unnecessary files like Cache.

6) Norton 360 Security And Antivirus App

Norton 360 is not only an Antivirus App but also a very good Security App. Which has a rating of 4.3 Stars on Google Play Store and has received 50M+ Downloads. Download Norton 360 by clicking on the Download button.

Features –

  1. It protects your phone in real time from many online threats like Ransomware, Malware, Spyware.
  2. In this you get SMS and Call filtering feature.
  3. By this you can take backup of Contacts.
  4. Protects our phone from Phishing Attack caused by Web Protection Shield.
  5. With its Anti Theft feature, you can control your phone by giving SMS commands.

7) Dr. Web Security Space

This is an old and trusted Antivirus App which has been downloaded by 10M+ people on Google Play Store and has a good rating of 4.5 Stars, click on the download button given below to download.

Features –

  1. In this you can scan the full file system very quickly. And in this you are also given the facility of Custom Scan.
  2. In this App you URL The feature of Filter and Call And SMS Filter is available.
  3. You also get the facility of Parental Control.
  4. Apart from this, you also get the feature of Firewall in it.

Is it necessary to download Antivirus Apps?

By the way, it has been mostly found that Antivirus is not required for Android. But this does not mean that Virus cannot come in Android, it can definitely come.

But it depends on how you use your phone, depending on that you should decide whether you should download Antivirus App or not. Here we tell you through some points that which people should download Antivirus App.

1) Downloading-

If you download apps from Google Play Store, then it is safe for you, in this case you do not need Antivirus, but if you download apps from Third Party Apps or small stores, then you need to download Antivirus App. Is.

2) Using the phone for work –

If you work from your phone and you have a lot of personal data in it like – Bank Details, Photos and Documents etc. So you can take the help of Antivirus to keep them safe.

3) Rooting the phone –

Many people enjoy rooting the phone for different reasons, but if you root your phone too much, then the risk of cyber attack on your phone increases, then in this situation you may need Antivirus. .

summary – In today’s post, you have learned what are Antivirus Apps, which are the best Antivirus Apps and whether it is necessary to download Antivirus Apps.

So I hope you have liked this post of ours today. But if you still have any question then you can ask through comments.

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