All for Salvation: Netflix series history and details

A week-long journey into yourself and with a new group of “crazy” friends. This is the premise of All for Salvationthe new Netflix series based on the book of the same name by Daniele Mencarelli, winner of the 2020 Strega Giovani Prize.

An Italian autobiographical story, with a cast of actors already known to the public.

But what is the series about, who are the actors and more details? The Series Mix tells you!

All for Salvation
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The series All for Salvation premiered on Netflix on October 14, 2022. On this day, all seven episodes of the series were already available. Episodes average 45 minutes in length.

Daniele (Federico Cesari) is a young man in his twenties with excess sensitivity, who after a psychotic crisis wakes up in the dormitory of a psychiatric ward. He is there to undergo Tso (Compulsory Health Treatment), along with five other unlikely roommates. These, at first, with whom he thinks he has nothing in common.

He also gets pressure from doctors, who want to rack his brain. All this to find out what’s wrong with him. In addition, he is tended to by nurses who seem cynical and uninterested.

But he has to spend seven long days there, and it felt like an eternity at first. However, his stay there turns out to be one of the most intense and formative experiences of his life.

All for Salvation is a dramedy of existences that recovers the roots of a bitter Italian comedy, reinterpreted with a contemporary twist. As a cry for help, moving but full of hope, the series shows new generations and their enigmatic discomfort of living.

Image: Disclosure.

Leading the cast, in the role of the protagonist, is Federico Cesari, already known for the role of Martino in skam italy. By his side, countless other actors and actresses already known to the faithful audience of Italian fiction, among them Andrea Pennacchi (Petra), Fotinì Peluso (La Compagnia del Cigno), Ricky Memphis (Police District) and, in addition, Carolina Crescentini (Mare Furi).

Federico Cesari plays the protagonist of the TV series, Daniele, a young man in his 20s who, after a psychotic break, is admitted to a psychiatric ward. The 25-year-old Roman actor, after making his debut in I Cesaronistarred in several fiction films on generalist TV.

Success, however, came with the role of Martino Rametta in skam italy. The second season, in this way, highlighted his character, who explored the path to his sexual awareness.

As mentioned, the TV series is inspired by the eponymous book by Daniele Mencarelli, which tells an autobiographical story. The story told is that of Daniele, a young man who, in the summer of 1994 – the summer of the World Cup –, after an explosion of rage, is hospitalized in psychiatry. And there he meets five roommates who will become his friends.

“Characters”, says the synopsis of the book, “disturbing as well as tender, rambling but wise, burdened by life like himself. As he is unable not to suffer and not to love disproportionately.”

All for Salvation was recorded between Rome, Ostia and Anzio. The protagonist Daniele lives in the Garbatella neighborhood, along with his family. The facility where he is interned is the Anzio Long-Term Military Hospital.

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