6×03 of 9-1-1 solved mystery buried for 45 years

Episode three of the sixth season of 9-1-1entitled, “The Devil You Know”, went back in time to when Athena was just 9 years old. In this sense, we follow the disappearance of Tanya, the youngest daughter of Athena’s parents’ neighbor. However, due to the fact that the remains of little Tanya were found in the garage of Athena’s parents’ house, Bobby’s wife becomes suspicious of her own father.

The entire episode was centered around this case and the investigation, between flashback moments and the present time. Also, we watched Bobby and Athena work together on the investigation and it showed that, once again, they make an excellent team.

9-1-1 revealed why Athena became a police officer

At first, everyone was suspicious of Athena’s father, and since Samuel was in a coma, Bobby’s father-in-law had no way to defend himself. Also, Reggie – an old friend of Samuel’s, and his son Junior, were willing to let Athena’s father take the blame.

However, thanks to Athena and Bobby’s teamwork, they discovered more information from the day of Tanya’s disappearance, which led to the real culprit.

9-1-1 S06EP03 Athena and Bobby

This case was personal to Athena, and it was what encouraged her to become a police officer. After 45 years, she was able to finalize this story for her life and for Joanne, Tanya’s older sister. In other words, Joanne blamed herself for all these years, for her sister’s disappearance.

9-1-1 split between the past and the present to bring justice

Before anything else, the series The fire department we know was left out in this episode, as the season 118 team didn’t even show up. The entire chapter was centered around Florida, where Athena’s parents live and where the policewoman grew up. Also, it was split between the past and the present to do it justice.

9-1-1 S06EP03 Young Athena

The scene where Athena chases Reggie through the orange grove, at the same time the scene shifts to the past when Tanya, in the same location, was running away from younger Reggie was impactful. It felt like we were there with Tanya as she ran for her life, rooting for the girl even though she knew she couldn’t escape. On the other hand, every time the scene cut to Athena, it felt cathartic, knowing that justice was finally about to be served.

This episode concludes the initial trilogy of this sixth season.

I like suspense, mystery and investigation stories, but this is not the 9-1-1. Furthermore, we already have Law & Order which has been doing this very well for over 20 years. On the other hand, even though this was a very atypical episode, without any connection with a cry for help, I can say that the only rescue was to bring the conclusion of a mystery that tormented Athena and Joanne for more than 45 years.

I’m definitely in the hope that this initial trilogy of this sixth season has ended these weak episodes that the series has been presenting, and brings back those exciting rescues.

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