6×01 of Station 19 didn’t bring anything new

began its sixth season exactly six months after the events of the fifth season finale. Still, it didn’t bring anything new, and it just follows the same narrative, as if it were another episode of the previous season. However, it came with changes to the regular cast.

Station 19 S06EP01 Dixon and Ross

THE series is derived from Grey’s Anatomywith the same producers and, to further strengthen this connection, in this current season station 19 It has a regular cast with many characters. For example, did he really need to promote Beckett, Dixon, and Ross? I predict that we will have characters just doing extras, as with the medical series when only one or the other has some interesting plot and stands out.

At the same time that some unexpected death of a regular character may happen during the season. Still, promoting Dixon to run for mayor of Seattle with Travis, or Beckett to continue as captain butting heads with Maya and Robert, who also aim for that position, will end up filling the series with more stories of the same.

Andy is happy to be part of the station 19

Andy is back in station 19 and Jack is out. He resigned after finding out that he was the only one of his siblings that his parents put up for adoption. In that sense, it is understandable that Jack was shaken by this discovery. Still, I don’t believe the best solution for Gibson was to abandon his job and his friends, who are the family he’s built up in recent years.

Station 19 S06EP01 Tornado Jack

First of all, you can see that Andy is happy to be back at the station where he started his career. For example, the lieutenant is giving free self-defense classes to the community and has shown maturity by working again alongside her ex-husband. In addition, she finds herself obliged to help Jack, her friend/ex-boyfriend/ex-colorful friend/ex-best friend…

Anyway, I’m rooting for Andy and Jack to meet again. In my opinion, they have chemistry and could become the main couple in the series. However, I believe that if they continue down this path, the writers are killing one of the best characters in the series.

station 19 is killing one of the best characters

Station 19 S06EP01 Jack and Vasquez

Jack decided to walk away from everyone, he lies to Andy saying he was going to visit his adopted sister in Kansas, when in fact, he was in Seattle sleeping with Vasquez’s ex-wife, the firefighter who died on the job, while working next door. from Jack. In other words, Seattle is too small. Also, Jack needed to be rescued after a tornado hit the city, and guess who went to save the ex-fireman? The season 19 team.

Beforehand, we need to remember who Jack is, that firefighter who rescued a lady who lived alone during the second season, and “adopted” her as his grandmother. Likewise, during the third season, the firefighter also rescued a mother and her son from an abusive husband, and even bonded with that family for a period, giving full support as a “father” and “husband” still in the fourth season.

According to all this I leave the question, what happened to this Jack? He has overcome many traumas he suffered while living with the foster families he went through. In addition, he lived on the street, went hungry, but managed to turn around, became a firefighter, risks his life to save others, and also “adopted” a family. Now Jack is completely lost, but I’m rooting for him to find himself.

Travis wants to become mayor of Seattle in Station 19

In the previous season, Station 19 highlighted some flaws in US law. For example, there is no free healthcare, racism, police brutality, and immigration failures. Also, Dixon decides to leave the police to run for mayor of Seattle, and to prevent the corrupt ex-battalion and police chief from being elected, Travis decides to run.

Station 19 S06EP01 Travis

As the tornado hits Seattle, the political Travis stands aside and the firefighter and paramedic steps forward to help the political event guests he Dixon attended. With that Montgomery ends up becoming a hero and stands out. Still, Dixon says Travis took advantage of the moment and that they are equals.

Station 19 errs in not punishing Maya for her crime.

First of all, six months have passed since Maya threatened Boss Ross and Sullivan, and nothing has happened to her. The series errs by not bringing any punishment for the former captain. Therefore, her only punishment was to hear some truths from Robert himself, that she is to blame for everything that is happening in her career.

While Bishop remains unhappy with what’s going on in her professional life, she doesn’t have any sensitivity or desire to have a child with her wife. With that, Carina remains frustrated, – and very angry because of the hormones and the failed attempts to become a mother. Also, DeLucca questions whether his wife really wants to raise a family, as Maya is only focused on getting her captaincy position again.

I don’t mean that Maya doesn’t love Carina and doesn’t want to build a family with the doctor. However, Maya prioritizes her career above everything and everyone else. Unlike Bishop, Ben is just doing administrative work, as he is afraid that something serious could happen to him, and in this way, little Pru could lose her “second” father.

Anyway, station 19 started its sixth season with no news and still has outstanding issues from the previous season to resolve. Let’s wait for the next episodes, hope that the story brings news and can evolve.

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