11×18 of The Walking Dead was marked by politics and intrigue

After that explosion that was the return of  The Walking Dead for its third and final installment, this new episode focuses on quieter happenings (for the most part). But no less important or tense for that. I confess it was kind of anticlimactic, the way that hostage standoff between Maggie, Daryl and their gang with Hornsby was resolved. The arrival of Carol and the Governor was very providential and I honestly don’t know what the show’s purpose is to still keep this villain alive.

We know, or rather, we hope, that the villain of this last part is not him. After all, he doesn’t have the clout, or charisma, or narrative development for it. But The Walking Dead likes to stretch things out more than they should, it almost ended the series once. Still, it is interesting to follow the unfolding of events. Inside the Commonwealth, the crowd seems to have quickly forgotten the riot they were doing in the last episode, with the Governor just announcing a party and a lottery game, the famous bread and circus.

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For a change, the insufferable, idiot, needy, who falls in love with whoever looks at him and who should have died a long time ago, also knowledge like Eugene, will ruin everything. And here I don’t mean that he shouldn’t have teamed up with Max (who he already loves, quickly) to end the Governor and Commonwealth charade, now he could have had better timing. Wait for his friends to get out of town, at least. But no, they had to play the heroes of the resistance at that moment and the broth spilled.

And speaking of dumb people, there’s still Stephanie (I don’t know her real name) and that other one with no name there, who are Hornsby’s henchmen, who invented to kill some people, so they would wake up zombified and play terror (literally) within the Commonwealth. Guys, what’s the point of destroying the place where you live?! And yet, they’re pretty incompetent henchmen anyway, because Hornsby’s plan was always to run it all and not destroy it. Maybe they did it to cause a ruckus and help the boss escape, it’s possible but still risky.

Children and their crises (?)

The funniest part of the episode The Walking Dead it was, in the midst of all the bullshit that was brewing, Daryl having to run after Judith who decided to have an existential crisis there and had a disappearing tea. I know, guys, I know. She is a girl, who is reaching a certain age, and her parents have disappeared. In addition, the actress plays the character in a very convincing way. But did she need it just then? There have been worse situations where the character proved to be more resilient and mature.

Worse, this thread doesn’t even help Daryl at all. If it was tall like: “ah, it’s to show how he evolved as a father”, ok. But in the end, there was none of that, he said something to her and everything was resolved. Boring right?! Now, something I still don’t understand is why she never told him that her mother found evidence that her father might be alive and why she disappeared, going after him, in this case.

And in the end, what happened?

It turned out that Sebastian, the governor’s sociopathic son died and died beautifully! And now for sure, his mother will want revenge and blame someone else about it, even though she knows her son was worthless. Although it was different, the death of Carlos Bolsonaro de The Walking Dead It’s satisfying in many ways, mostly… and WARNING Here’s a big spoiler from the comics…

In the comics, Sebastian is responsible for killing anyone less than Rick Grimes! Rick, continues until the end of the story, including the Commonwealth arc. Once there, a similar plot takes place where the Governor’s long reign is threatened, as the inhabitants demand elections, democracy, etc. And who was one of the leaders of this? Rick! Sebastian then, fearing his mother’s deposition and consequently the loss of all his perks, cowardly kills Rick, breaking into his room and shooting him a few times. So yes… as much as the story has changed, Sebastian died was little!

Walkers 1: Still on Judith, the narration that the character has been doing at the beginning of the episodes, while several scenes from the series are shown, it’s really interesting.

Walkers 2: The show sometimes forgets about its own characters, in the midst of it all, where are the other protagonists?

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