11×03 of Chicago Fire had death and was the saddest episode

It’s spectator friends of Chicago Fire, our hearts can’t take it. First of all, I need to warn you that this review is full of spoilers for the third episode of the 11th season of Chicago Fire be warned!

What an episode, my friends, what an episode! Chicago Fire is a kind of series that manages to turn the calm into a storm in seconds. That’s because we spent more than thirty minutes of this episode reveling in a silly story, like, where is Battalion 51’s washing machine going after Stella made room for her new office?

And then, chaos arrived. A big fire in a movie theater made the call the last for one of our characters. But before I get to that sad part, here are some interesting facts.

Chicago Fire 11x03

After answering a call, which resulted in a dispute over who would put more goats in the truck first, the Battalion was in a lull, and that’s when Severide took the opportunity to respond to a request from the CPD. They requested his presence to investigate a fire-safe break-in.

The robbery ended up becoming a pattern, but Severide while helping, ran into Pryma. And they needed to solve their pending issues to work together. I thought Pryma might cause Severide trouble, but it turns out they even became friendly on this investigation. But that’s it, never say never, and for someone to come after Severide even in this 11th season, it costs little.

Carver and Stella hit it off

Another point, as we said, was Stella trying to make a space for her living room. And she found it in the place where the washing machines were. So when she asked Carver to help her put up shelves, they finally had a friendly moment.

I swear if Stella wasn’t married, I’d be rooting for them to become a couple. Why do I feel a vibe. But I’m betting that if Carver does stay, he could be a potential love interest for Brett. After all, she is alone, and I don’t believe she will be single for a long time.

Carver, despite being a little arrogant, is actually a good person. And I believe 51 will change that for him. The character has a lot to grow within the series.

The death that no one foresaw in Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire

Now we come to the saddest part of this episode. I don’t remember crying so hard at Chicago Firelog time.

The entire Battalion went to attend a fire in a movie theater, and it was a huge fire. When everyone was inside the scene, Gallo ended up getting hit and it was up to Stella to try to save him. The movement was intense, and when Chicago Fire warned that someone was not going to survive, I soon thought it was him. My heart was in my hand, but when I saw him leaving, I breathed a sigh of relief. Until I remembered that if he wasn’t Gallo, he would be someone else even dearer.

When the fire was already under control, Chicago Fire left viewers confused. Like with the fire under control, would anyone die? That’s when Hawkins saw a civilian coming out of another door, and he went to help him. So, at this moment, the cinema curtain collapsed on both of them, killing them instantly.

Hawkins’ death was very sad, but Violet’s reaction, who saw it all, was even worse. They’d had a delightful day, alongside Brett, and they were really in love with each other. Seeing Violet go through this is heartbreaking. By the way, actress Hanako Greensmith’s performance was incredible, and she expressed all the pain she was feeling watching her lover die.

Hawkins arrived as if he didn’t want anything, and brightened up the season of Chicago Fire, and seeing him make sacrifices for Violet over the last few episodes has been so beautiful. I was really saddened by Hawkins’ death and furious with the writers.

Now, it remains to be seen how this will impact the paramedic, but I hope that she will not be involved with Gallo anytime soon. Because she and Hawkins had amazing chemistry, and I don’t think she’s going to allow herself to be in a relationship anytime soon.

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