10×03 from Chicago PD gave Halstead a bad goodbye

I need to start this review by highlighting how revolting Jay Halstead’s farewell was in Chicago PD. The third episode of the tenth season served as a farewell to the original character, who had appeared in Chicago Fire and has become an integral part of the series since the first episode.

Jay was a character built and shaped, over nine years, to be one of the most correct and upstanding characters in the entire Chicago franchise. And it all went down the drain in just three episodes of this tenth season.

When actor Jesse Lee Soffer announced his departure from Chicago PD, in August of this year, many thought he would die, as there was no other explanation for his disappearance. Then, the farewell episode came, and honestly, death would have been better than this half-assed ending.

Chicago PD destroyed all of Halstead’s legacy

Chicago PD

Since the tenth season premiere, we’ve realized how changed Halstead has been. Agitated, beating thugs wildly. It’s like he’s become a “mini-Voight”. Worst of all, lying to his wife that she’d done nothing but give him love, support, and understanding in everything he’d needed so far.

Halstead would never do the things he did in these three episodes of Chicago PD. It’s like we’re watching a parallel reality, seeing Jay being a persona he’s always disavowed seeing in Voight.

Halstead was the “moral compass” of Chicago PD. Of all the characters there, the least likely to do something wrong has always been Jay. And changing the nature of a character like that, in three episodes, to just give it an inevitable outcome is almost what Game of Thrones did to Daenerys in the final season, turning her “crazy” from one episode to the next. This goes against the essence of a character, and worse, it hurts the intelligence of a viewer who dedicates and invests so much time in a series and in a character. In the case of Jay and Chicago PD, it was ten seasons.

Halstead left and went to Bolivia

Chicago PD

The story of his departure was pointless. A case they take on to investigate, about an ex-military man who gets involved in a robbery, which results in Jay covering up clues so the military isn’t discovered – and his family gets alimony. As well as him killing a civilian while trying to find out if there was a traffic or not in a shed, where there would be evidence that could ease the military’s bar.

People? Like this? Halstead is definitely not like that. And so, when he finds himself doing all this, he decides to hand over his badge for “wanting to be Voight.” Which is? The impression that remains is that the current screenwriters of Chicago PD never watched the series, and they didn’t live up to Jay’s walk.

So, the character decides to enlist for a post in Bolivia, who are tracking drug barracks, accepting the job WITHOUT TALKING TO UPTON. My people? When I got to the end of the episode, I didn’t know whether to be angry or to cry with disappointment.

Jay and Hailey deserved better

I think Jay Halstead deserved better. He is a character in Voight’s second line of succession, and the second most important in the series. The stories, if they didn’t revolve around Voight, always had a connection to Halstead. And he didn’t deserve this “xoxa and lame” farewell.

More so, Upton didn’t deserve this. The character who for a few years struggled with love, and then, when she embraced him, they had to face many difficulties before getting married. To now receive this ingratitude from Jay? So he just decides to leave, and leaves her like that?

Worse, he still wanted to keep the marriage, and played the card that “if you love me, you’ll let me go”. The Jay Halstead we know would never act like that. Halstead leaves without saying goodbye to anyone from Intelligence, or even his brother Will, as if he were a person. non-gratefulwho did not deserve any proper farewell.

This was one of the most disappointing episodes of Chicago PDand perhaps one of the worst episodes, with the most nonsensical writing in all of series.

Only our regret remains, and the longing for a character as iconic as Jay, who unfortunately had a silly exit, without the height he deserved.

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